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Photoshop made League Poster

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556701This is a poster i made myself on photoshop for my Graphic Arts class. What do you guys think of it?

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ThreeStar Mako




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Sovereign 13th

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Alright, constructive criticism time.

-The cutting out is good, a bit jagged in some areas and could do with softening but other than that I guess it's fine. Like if they're surrounded by some sort of 'aura' or 'gas' then you could blur/fade that out.

-It's far too busy, the eye doesn't have a point to follow it's just sort of everywhere, normally the eye goes from top left and works its way down but due to the massive amount of content trying to cramp in it just sort of goes 'pbbbht'. Try to reduce the amount of characters, maybe an ideal team perhaps? Or like how it is for the loading screens (team vs. team) which would add organization.

((Honestly the bottom just looks like a pile of champions and then Baron somehow, which is lower quality than the rest of the art))

-The vectorizing of the logo, did you do that yourself or did you use the auto-tool (the name escapes me right now) Either way it lacks detail and the lines are bent in places they shouldn't be.

Hope that helps a bit.