Riot Implement This Idea **Please**

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We all know that the biggest failure about solo que is lack of communication which stems from champ select. What if pre-champion select, you ranked the roles in order from your best to your worst via a simple drop down menu (which can/should be stored (locally/serverside?) for future games use) and that way, when everyone spawns in CHAMPION SELECT it will look like this:

Player 1: mid > adc > top > jungle > support
Player 2: support > mid > top > jungle > adc
Player 3: adc > top > jungle > mid > support
Player 4: top > adc > mid > support > jungle
Phreak: adc > jungle > support > mid > tons of dmg

etc. etc. and that way right when champselect starts... you know who is cappable of what role rather than coaxing the team to pay attention to the chat box rather than masteries/runes/bans/picks/enemy teamcomp/the garbage distractions that is calling vs pick order and the drama that ensues...

now i'm not saying that matchmaking would make matches according to the meta... simply a way to communicate who is good at doing what with minimal effort... please give this a look @morello; @phreak; @tryndamere; @ryze; @Socratocracy; @RiotFpMcgee @ricklessabandon; @JesterCapp; @Lyte; @Evil Viz; @RiotPenguin; @Zileas; @RiotKiddington; @idon'tknowanymorerioters names

tldr: Communication is the key to victory in any draft summoners rift mode; this is one way to expedite the process. (Please respond!!!)