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The most important aspect/element for an ADC

Long autoattack range 1 16.67%
Escape skill 1 16.67%
CC ability 0 0%
early game farming 0 0%
high damage burst skills 2 33.33%
Repositioning to land high damage burst skills 0 0%
those doesn't matter, it's the support 0 0%
damage output 0 0%
a combination of above (not all of them) 2 33.33%
other 0 0%
Voters 6 .

The most important aspect you look at for an ADC

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Senior Member


Of all the aspects of a ranged ADC, what do you think is the most important element or the key thing you look at for an ADC.

For me, I'd say it's the ADC's autoattack range. The reason being is having good autoattack range can help up farm safely as well as much easier harass against your opponents. It also has higher value late game because in teamfights, the ADC is the highest priority target. Besides, it's easier to autoattack someone from a distance than trying to position yourself to land a skillshot. This is why I prefer playing as Tristana over Ezreal, Corki, and Graves; which while undoubtly the ADC trinity are great, they're only great within the right hands. The said three are very hard to play as and takes a lot of time to master. I've played Ezreal several times and I would say he's one of the hardest ADC to play as.

Anyways, discuss what you think is the most important aspect or element that seems to be the highest value for a ranged ADC.

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Well, personally I love Draven. His range is meh, but his burst is omgwtfbbq. Nothing like Hitting Q, W, then E to stun them for that split second to burst them down.

Welcome to the League of Draaaaaaven!

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I voted "A combination of Above"

For me it's a combination between an Escape Skill, Burst, and being able to Reposition yourself quickly. My favorites are Graves, Vayne, and Caitlyn while my least favorites are Ashe, Sivir, and Miss Fortune.