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Stop pinging.

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Wade Wils0n

Senior Member


yeah, cuz some ppl are idiots, the lane can be warded, and u can see the enemy coming, yet ur just sitting there pushing the lane, and ur teammate starts to ping multiple times, some ppl are retarded and they will just sit there pushing even tho u ping and the lane was warded... then get killed and blame the team...

i rather spam the ping and annoy them, than just ping once... some ppl need to be pinged more than 100 times to let them know someone is coming.. cuz they like in their own world pushing the lane..

Like I said before, if they don't get it the first 3 times, they are not going to get it on the next 100. Also you are now pissing off the rest of your team because they actually are watching the map and paying attention to pings. Don't be a moron just because you have a moron on your team.