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Ranked Pinball

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Had a ranked game of "Pinball" the other day.

My team
Me- Jungle Alistar
Bot Ad- Tristana
Bot support- Blitz
Mid- Diana
Top- Jayce

Jungle Lee Sin
Mid Ahri
Bot Ad Caitlin
Support Naut
Galio top

It was like playing pinball. All that was missing was the sound effects.

Funnest part of the game was when Blitz grabbed jayce and jayce knocked him back. Lee kicked jayce into us and naut grabbed trist. She ulted him and knocked almost all of them back but galio flash ulted into us. I ulted and knocked him away right when ahri charmed diana. As soon as she got control she pulled them all right to her and i pulverized them up. Cait Net'd out and Naut knocked trist up right when she rocket jumped away and she got knocked clear off the map(straight into the air) for about 2 seconds. We won the teamfight because they disengaged with galio's speed up and shurelia's. Both teams were laughing so hard in all chat. Best thing I've seen in league yet.