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Need more lore and interactions

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this is the only comment i am going to make.
LOL needs more lore besides the champions. or maybe the events like Zeds and Shens fight. Its boring just reading it when clicking on a champion perhaps u can get it when u level up or something.
as i look at the game it seems nothing but gameplay. I don't mean the background is not good but its not really in the game. the only one i can thing of is rangar and kha zics interaction.
maybe more interactions.
i want to see the story have an affect in the gameplay besides the champion's look.
so post some interesting interactions or ideas i am curious.
here's some i thought of:(if u don't understand read the lore)
graves and twisted fated
lux and garen (siblings)
akali kennen shen (ninjas)
anvia, ashe and tryed
diana and kalye
kalye and pantheon
gangplank and miss fortune
morgana and kalye
jarvanIV pantheon
nasus and renekton
wukong and yi
Xin Zhao and jarvanIV

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Iron Ambássador

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... Couple of things. It is hard to understand you due to some lack in grammar, but that's a minor thing.

However... your champion list needs work.

Kayle, not Kalye like you wrote, is in no way related to Pantheon or Diana. You are thinking of Leona there. Kayle is only related lorewise to Morgana.

Xin Zhao and Jarvan have no real lore part that would warrant an interaction. Xin Zhao's lore points at Jarvan III, J4's father. Also, I do not understand the Jarvan IV and Panth point at all personally.

If Jarvan should have an interaction with someone, it would be Swain. They're sworn enemies with deep hatred for each other. Swain even intruded on J4's Judgment and attacked him.

As said before, grammar thing is minor, but helps your message being understood :P

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I support having more interactions...seems to be a very fun way to give some lore...

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Interactions in-game are fine, but what I'd like to see is some sort of external source of story, something that can help flesh out the world of Runeterra and the various champions without gameplay. The Journal of Justice was phenomenal in this aspect - it introduced the concepts behind a few champions before they released, developed some of the champion's backgrounds and characters without the need to use lore, and overall gave us a better picture of Runeterra. Having something like that come back would be a much better way than trying to create interactions between characters in-game - you can get deeper into a champion's mid with the former method.