The best troll game ever

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I solo queued, got into a game, we were doing champ select, everything looked normal.

One of them asked me to jungle, which was what I was planning to do anyway, 'even better!' I thought. I lock in, the timer ticks down, then at the last second they all go flash/smite. Our team ended up being Jax, Olaf, Shen, Lee Sin, and Kayle. I thought 'oh man, really??' We get into game, I wasn't too happy... But we stuck together, invaded, and totally rolled their team. Constantly moving together, sometimes one person would defend a lane that was being over pushed, and would then rejoin the group.

It was probably the best game of SR (or even LoL) I've ever played. Some of the most epic escapes, team fights, baron steal, and overall teamwork that I've experienced. On top of that, the 4 other people (who were a premade) were really nice, and rocked it.

I hope you gentlemen read this, because you totally made my night. Even writing this I had a huge smile on my face.