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Corki Tips please

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When engaging always start with e because you want your auto attacks to do as much damage as possible as that will be your true source of continual damage.

I highly recommend not chasing with w, like 9 times out of 10. Sure you might get a kill but what good does that do you if you die? It's much more efficient to keep your opponent zoned out of cs while you continue farming. Remember a kill is only worth like 15ish creeps so if you get that many while your opposition is gone and he doesn't get anything (unlike an assist if you chased and were caught) it sets you ahead.

I'll take 300 cs and no kills and keep my opponent to 150 cs anyday. End game you win team fights which is what adc is all about.

And I don't take w first unless it is an aggressive jungler because being able to q supports that like to hide in bushes is extremely helpful, or if you misjudge and need a little pop to grab that minion kill q is nice.

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Blind Pick Hero

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Corki is really fun, and a strong champ atm.

But i have to disagree with this post, you should max your E first, in the tournaments they max Q because they have very little action, so they use it to farm. But playing in ranked or normal there will be a lot more fighting. So you want you E. Other than that yea, double dorans, tri, IE, BT, GA, LW. Gl =D

Yea.. no. Q is a nice nuke in lane that doesn't require you to stay in an extended fight. Its so much better than e for harass. You shouldn't ever use your q to farm unless you know you're going to miss creeps or if you're just pushing the lane before you back because of how bad corki's mana is.