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What will new SR do to balance purple / blue teams?

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DJ Radix

Senior Member


Note: these are the observations of a long-time player who clearly isn't big into playing ranked. I hope that I'm not completely off-base in these observations, but I've heard people say similar things.

So currently,

Blue team has an advantage bottom lane because support + RDPS can take the small golems. This will be even easier to accomplish in the new jungle, since jungle creeps target the nearest enemy--you can keep making small golems walk back and forth between the support and the ranged DPS, getting the golems without any damage to your champions.

Purple team, with only one player in the top lane, can't do this for free. Furthermore, with the new jungle creeps doing more damage, it will be even harder to get the small golems solo--your HP will be fairly low once you're done.

Currently, the meta is: 1 v 1 top, 1 v 1 mid, 2 v 2 bot, 1 jungler. (advantage blue team)

If you did this instead: 1 v 2 top, 1 v 1 mid, 2 v 1 bot, 1 jungler

Then you would have a weak defense of the dragon in bot lane as the purple team. Defending the dragon pigeonholes purple into giving up the advantage to blue team, and enforces the 1 v 1, 1 v 1, 2 v 2 meta.

Will the new SR jungle changes address these issues? Will there be the same necessity for 2 v 2 bot? And will blue still have the advantage even in that scenario?

I've heard someone from Riot say on the forums, at some point, that the existing imbalance is considered when matching players to teams. The blue team has a slightly lower ELO than the purple team. That being said, I'd really prefer the map itself to be balanced and for more lane pairings to be viable.