Listen to your team.

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Listen to the people you play with if they are doing decent or make smart calls. I'm tired of someone QQing and trying to lose because they don't feel like reading.

Last game was 5v5. I lost because my team ignored every call made by me and the support, despite us doing well and being smart.

Game before was 4v5 after 10 minutes, we won because I did well top and then told my team what to do. They did it, and despite bot being behind, ended up giving a triple to our adc and acing them, pushing an inhib and 3 towers. This lead to an easy win.

Point is, the game could look really good or really bad, but can easily change based on coordination. When Baron is up and you got a lucky double kill, take it. Don't farm a bit, take wraiths, wait for the enemy to spawn and then try. When you see someone in a ward, and someone says "don't go in", don't go in. You die and the enemies get an advantage.