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Suggestion: Why Not Add Separate Queues For Each Role?

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TSG Nerfmah

Junior Member


If you want separate ques for separate roles, go play World of Warcraft.

That is all.

I play world of warcraft, and at any givin time about 100k people play in 1 battlegroup. the average que time for a dps, with is the most played. is about 8 minutes.

Now, in LoL. at any 1 time. there is 3 MILLION GAMES PLAYED! on an average day, so the qeue times for say...an adc would be about 40 seconds. so whats wrong with that?

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The 4th Triumvir



This is a fantastic idea. And as for trolls, maybe Riot could make it possible that only the people designated for a certain role can use champions designated for that role. That being said, to implement such a feature would require extensive testing to understand the viable roles of each champion within the current meta. Also, I would hope that reporting trolls and the like would be a much more serious offense than a slap on the wrist.

As for some roles being favored over others, I'm perfectly fine with this myself, being a devout support player, but I could see it being a possible problem if people get tired of waiting in the crowded role queues and decide to sign up for the support queue even though they have no idea what they're doing. This was a problem I experienced back when I played WoW, even if that was in a PvE environment, but it's been two years now, so it's likely that a lot has changed to alleviate such things.

In short, this is an extraordinary idea. To alleviate trolls, Riot could lock champions into certain roles. Also, I would be concerned about people entering into a role they can't play properly in order to get a shorter queue time.