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xerath is OP

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The Revanchrist

Senior Member


a xerath with a void staff and his 'w' active with normal mage masteries has 90% magic penetration!!!!!!

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Senior Member


If you think that's trolly, just wait until the patch when they process percent before flat penetration. Add in sorc shoes and MR pen marks and you do true damage to any enemy with 300 or less MR.

Of course just having 90% magic pen doesn't instantly make him OP. If a champion did 1 true damage with their auto-attacks would you say "omg, true damage, OP!!!"? Of course not. You need to consider his entire kit.

Xerath's Q has a full second delay making it very easy to dodge.

Xerath's W roots him making him vulnerable to attack at early levels (and with a 20 second cooldown he can't pop it randomly). At later levels the cooldown on it is a bit low, and I've seen Xeraths pop it on and off for a free ghost while running away.

He's also extremely squishy and his only escape involves rooting himself for a half second, so he doesn't have any last-minute "oh ****" maneuvers like most other mid champs (Ziggs' Satchel Charge, Ahri's Spirit Rush, Veigar's Event Horizon, Katarina's Shunpo, etc.)

If allowed to get fed he can deal more damage than just about any other AP carry (I think he's beaten by Brand with that %-based passive), but safe play and a good gank or two can shut him down early.