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My account was banned...

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In some parallel universe, it was most probably banned for an unjustified reason that needs to be fixed. Quantum physics and all.

In this universe, I'm not banned or anything, but I'm looking out for my other self that got banned for what was probably an invalid reason. So Lyte or Pendragon (or Zileas), could either of you guys be awesome and have a talk with yourselves from these dimensions and ask them to have a look at it. It was probably quite an unfair and unneeded ban! The other me would never swear or rage quit, I'm pretty sure of that. Unless in that parallel world being polite is our world's equivalent of being rude: if that is the case, I probably was rude by being polite. But then again, myself over there could be a complete ******bag or a dashing gentlemen, I personally haven't had the chance to meet.

Nevertheless, I just have to step up to protect my person. All these ''unjust'' bans in our dimensions must mean that I must have received an ''unjust'' ban in an alternate universe! So please Rioters, please act for justice (and muffins)!