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@Riot A New Matchmaking Mechanic Idea

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Ok, this is strictly an idea to improve QoL for the player base. When matchmaking players, the system should first take into account the primary language of the players. This would allow for better communication which results in better matchups. Here's how it would work.

Everyone has to select their primary language for existing accounts and for any accounts newly created. Now, what the matchmaking would do is do an immediate check on the players primary language and stick them in the corresponding queue pool. It should be a fairly simple mechanic to add to the system since it's just essentially a keyword check.

Implementing this would greatly improve the player's overall matchmaking experience and gameplay as a whole. So, this wouldn't just improve queue's & Champion Selection, it would also make the physical games themselves much better too.

I know many players face this problem on a daily basis, myself included. So, here's to hoping this gets seen by Rioters and maybe one day they can implement something like this.

I also have other ideas too that I'm willing to put out there if this gets good recognition