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[AUS-NSW] City Hunter's End of Year Festival (including Kingston Comp #8)

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City Hunter is proud to announce our end of year festivities which will contain 5 tournaments across 4 titles

As always we have partnered with Kingston to bring you two Starcraft Comps The first an Amateur Comp for those who are iDiamond and Below and a Pro Comp for iMasters and iGm

There will also be a League of Legends 3v3 Comp, a Street Fighter 4 1v1 Comp and a Pokemon 1v1 Competition!

Detailed Schedule
Event Date: 25/11/2012
Event Time: 10am
Event Location: City Hunter Burwood

Starcraft Amateur Comp- Start Time 10am
Starcraft Pro Comp- Start Time 10am
League of Legends 3v3- Start Time 2pm
Pokemon Tournament- Start Time 4pm
Street Fighter 4 Tournament- Start Time 4pm




These tournaments will follow the ruleset used by all major tournaments (Dreamhack, MLG, etc)

This event will run during the Final Day of IEM, we currently in the process of trying to set up the stream for you guys on all the tvs across the shop ^_^

Hey Guys because its going to be asked, yes you can join multiple competition but you may only play in one at a time , meaning you can only join a later starting comp if youve already been eliminated from the previous comp OR you didnt join the previous comp

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Nudge, 7 teams so far ^_^