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((Massive)) [[Item Change Ideas]] Long Post

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Pre-Prelude- So I spent a week or so on this, and then I read the announcement about item changes. So I'm just gunna post this and pray someone in Riot reads this because I want new items and happy that we are finally getting some item changes! Thanks.

There are many items in the game that I never see used, except for myself toying with them for fun. If these items are never going to be used, then we should never them or better revive them anew. It was quite disappointing to see Sword of the Divine get removed for another item when items like, "Moonflair Spellblade" and "Cloak and Dagger", never get used. The unused items clutter the store space and provide a challenge for new and old players alike. Some of the items are quite laughable when looking at the stats they provide when you mash them against other items.

Please keep in mind, the point of me posting is to improve the game. I've learned that items open up new metas and game mechanic when Sword of the Divine was removed and Starks Fervor was remade. Items pave the path to fun and successful games in league and create new ways to over come the current meta. Yes I do know there was a forum post months back about new items etc. Only a little seems to have stemed from that. So for all who support more than one meta, please read, rate, and comment to keep this post alive for Riot to see. For me, this is not a want, but a need for League of Legends to continue to be the best and most fun game out there. Please upvote.

Note: Items intended for Summoner Rift Use.
Unused/Rarely Used:
Naster's Tooth
Moonfair Spellblade
Cloak and Dagger
Eleisa's Miracale
Mana Manipulator*
Soul Shroud*
Sword of the Occult
Haunting Guise*
Locket of Solari*
Zeke's Herald*

There are some items here I will go into extra detail and some items not on the list I will talk about also. *Items are really situational.

Stinger- 1090g - 40% attack speed and 10% Cool down Reduction.
For new players, this seems like a great item, Builds from 2 daggers giving an extra 10% atkspd from the build and the cdr. So why isn't it used more often? It only builds into one item, Nastor's Tooth, which I'll touch on in a moment. With only one build path, it's easily casted aside and its not as viable as other items. Recurve bow is slightly cheaper and has more build options and even a Zeal builds into a much better item than the stinger at a 40g cost difference.

Nastor's Tooth- 2615g - 50% atkspd, 65ap, 10 mana regen, 25% cdr.
So lots of stats, but who can really use them? Teemo, ap TF, ap Kog? Even then, I would not build this item on those champs. Wasting time on Nastor Tooth when I could get a juicy deathcap or pick up a madreds. Even for dps, phantom dancer has it beat. The movement speed helps you catch your targets and escape, 5% extra atkspd, and the crit = double ad damage. A caster auto attacking would do nothing but base damage. The 65 ap at its cost is too high when you can get a needlessly large rod and a blasting wand and be on your way to a death cap.

Now im giving this item a another note: DPS magic damage champs that do more damage on hit from ap ratios, are too small. Miss Fortune - Impure Shots - 0.05ap, Varus - Blighted Ouiver - 25%, Twisted Fate - Stacked Deck - 40% ap, Fizz - Seastone Trident - 35% ap there are more champs but really, the benefits are low. Tell me if I'm wrong, when is the last time anyone seen a champ other than teemo/tf build it, even when they chose to build it.

Moonflair SpellBlade - 1200g - 50ap 35 tenacity.
Never seen anyone other than myself use this. I have over 3000 games under my belt with normals and ranked on a couple of servers NA, EUW. 50 ap is just too low, and the item doesn't build into anything more. Casters would most likely be dead by the time they noticed the tenacity, they have tenacity boots that provide MR. Only champ that could use this is Eve really. Movement 5 boots + Moonflair, get in get out. But really, why waste money on this when Eve could spend 75g more and get an blasting wand and tome gaining 60ap and building towards void staff.

Cloak and Dagger - 1450g - 20% atk spd,20% crit, and 35 tenacity.
For the price, it lacks on atk spd. You'd never see an adc use this. I wouldn't even use it on crit plank. Only a few champs could probably use it, but why when there are better items. Shaco could use it nicely and rarely I see anyone use it on him because one is only half away from getting a phantom dancer.

Eleisa's Miracale - 1300g - 25 health regen, 20 mana regen, and 35 tenacity
So, after the release of Athene's Unholy Grail, I've stopped seeing it's use. The only GP10 item with no active, and the cheapest GP10 item to build. The only champ I really saw using it on a regular basis was Lux, who is quite mana heavy and lacks a form of health regen. Really, who would use this when you can build that Philo into a Shurelya's Reverie for all the extra perks. Just got slowed? Who cares about tenacity, just use the active.

Mana Manipulator - 475g - 7.2 mana regen aura
Cheapest Aura item, only used on support, Not really helpful early game. Supports lack ward coverage and are slowed in acquiring their GP10. With GP10 Runes, it's viable, but whats stops ur opponent using GP10 and rushing a Philo. The manipulator only works with a few adc's. Mid wouldn't want this item. Get a mekkit pendant into chalice to Athene's or build a philo. Ez, Mf, Caitlyn, Ashe, are a few that benifit. Only one item build path since Locket Removal.

Soul Shroud - 2285g - 520 health, Aura: 10% cdr and 12 mana regen
No GP10 build, expensive, nice for the team however supports do better with a Shurelya's. I personally enjoy this item, its an AP support item, however, most APs will have some form of cdr and mana regen, plus the current meta have supports supporting the adc. Good item, just there are better choices. Very team situational.

Leviathan - 1275g - 180 health, stack item, 32 health a stack, 20 stacks gives 15% less damage received.
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, yes I laugh at this item. Would would build it? Mundo, Vlad, Malphite, Tanks? Not a chance! Vlad would benifit more from a Soul Stealer, Mundo and Malphite are building a warmog, tanks die a lot. On mundo, if I had to get a stack item, I'd get a sword of the occult over this item. Fully stacked Leviathan gives 820 health, less than double giant's belt, and fully stacked warmog gives 1270 health.

Sword of the Occult - 1369g - 10 atk dmg, stack item, 5 atk dmg a stack, 20 stacks gives 15% movement speed.
Too ex*****ve. Just save the money and get a bf sword at 1650. An Adc hurts picking this up as his opponent will have a higher atk dmg item. Adc dies and loses dmg, ouch, 20 stack does no extra damage just provides movement, boo!

Haunting Guise - 1485 - 25 ap, 200 health, and 20 magic pen.
Too expensive and doesn't build into anything. Used to have 10% spell vamp which made the cost worth while, but now that it doesn't, useless. 1485g get a blasting wand and tome and build towards a Void staff. Get a rod of ages if you need health with ap. Ok, maybe you can do a terrible Eve build and go Mobility boots, Haunting Guise, Moonflair Spellblade, Deathcap, Lichbane, Void Staff. Abysal scepter is better than the haunting guise, its Aoe.

Locket of Solari - 2125g - 300 health, 35 armor, Aura: 15 health regen, and Active: 230 dmg team shield at lvl 18 that last 5 sec.
I personally love this item, however it lacks. Health regen works nicely for anyone, however, it doesn't help as much as a randiun's omen or shurelya's, the aura from Aegis, is better for the adc and is cheaper. It's situational, sometimes its built to soak up some aoe damage, personally, I think 2-3 of these on the team is great, but just one and it kinda lacks. Product of Stark's Fervor's death on it's remake.

Zeke's Herald* - 2145g - 250 health, 15% cdr, and Aura: 12% Life Steal and 20% atk spd
Starks Fervor(Deceased) - 2550g - 20% atkspd, and Aura: 20% Atkspd, 30 health regen, 20% lifesteal, and 20 armor reduction to nearby enemies.
Probably the worse item remake I've ever seen. Item still doesn't build from a GP10, Aura is weak. This helps the support even less. At least with Starks you had heath regen for laning. This item is arguable, however I've seen a starks more often than Zeke's in game. Which is also why I believe this to be a terrible remake.

So I've finally gotten this far~ Good 2-3 hours gone. Anyways, some of these either has to go, get remade (not nerfed), or built into new items. I love builds and builds are what make this game fun. Some may note that Emblem of Valour remake is poor, however, it evens out with old and new. Extra amor helps everyone, however it is sad that it only has a single build path. Anyways on to the fun part! Keep in note, that these items can, and probably need revisions, some effects I place on can be dropped.

Side note: Took 3 hours to calculate the avg cost of stats, and then make an excel sheet on it to balance cost. Items in league, well most of them are heavily underprice for what their worth... Sorta made me start rethinking about the unused items, which some may be considered when they normally are not. Still hasn't changed the fact that I haven't seen them used, although after this, ima see what I can exploit and then post it back to everyone. Still, unused items are unused items and need to be fixed so that they are desirable. It seems only OP items are in now in days...

Stinger + Brutalizer = Hornet's Nest
Hornet's Nest - 2910g - 55% atkspd, Unique Passive: 25% cdr, 60 atk dmg, and Aura: 20 Armor pen
The item needs to be viable for an adc to use, and it builds from a lot of fairly cheap items. Starting off, the adc can buy 2 Long swords instead of the popular dorans and then proceed to getting daggers deciding wether to rush the boots or go for a stinger. Combine cost only 573, really nice. However the item does lack crit, but there are many champs that don't play with crit. Plus its a new item to allow ad champs to effectly reach 40% cdr and leave blue for the AP carries.

Stinger + Cloak of Agility = Urf's Last Wish
Urf's Last Wish - 2260g - 60% atkspd, Unique Passive: 10% cdr, 25% Crit, and Active: 30 armor pen for 10sec. 60 sec cd.
Honestly it mirrors the Sword of the Divine, which was a cheap item at 1970 that provided 60% atk spd and a 30 armorpen for 8 sec. It also had an every 4th on hit effect of 100 extra damage. It was a great item. This one adds the utility of crit with the atkspd. It doesn't have the glorious movement of phanthom dancer but not every champ should need to build a phantom with this guy around. I hope :/ It might need an atk spd buff added to the 30 armor pen.

Cloak and Dagger - 1450g - 30% atkspd, 20% Critical Stike chance, +35 tenacity, Active: Cloak for 4sec or until enemy unit is hit by either ability or auto attack, gaining 1 movement for 4 sec, and 10% critical damage for 8 sec.

Haunting Guise + Moonflair Spellblade = Jemilo's Cursed Blade
Jemilo's Cursed Blade - 3100g - 300 health, 35 tenacity, Unique Passive: 50 magic pen, 100 AP, Active: 1100 ranged Skill shot that can only hit champions, dragon, barron, and Spider. 100% AP but no base damage.
Wanted to see an active that was skill shot rather than point and click, which is why deathfire grasp is also terribly broken. Item intended for the AP burst as the item will only get stronger as the ap levels grow, unlike deathfire grasp with has a base start. Combined the 2 unused items for a heavily and hopefully desired item. Trying to keep with Phreak's Ton of Damage Method, Morello's Balanced Class method, and Riot's over-all OP is in concept while still keeping it somewhat item cost effective.

Blackfire Torch - Just needs to be added to Summoner's Rift.
Blade of the Ruin King - Needs to be added to Summoner's Rift.

Eleisa's Miracale - Just add active - Instant Heal for 300hp and 200mana, 60sec cd. Applies Gieveous Wound and Jemilo's Mana Sealer, 50% mana regen for 10 seconds.
Really, nothing else special to do to this item, just a simple Active to fit the gold per 5 actives. If a jungler builds this, it should help restoring health and mana so they can sustain and gank more if the jungler's kit allows for it. It can also be used for lanes that are heavily stuggling since now they have an alternative to heal. If the item isn't popular after this, then the item will have to have either a better heal or spread to other nearby units.

Soul Shroud - Build changed to Kindle, Heart of Gold, and Mana Manipulator. Active: Grants Double Mana Regen Aura for ten seconds. 60sec cd.

Leviathan - 1275g - 250 health, stack item, 40 health a stack, on death lose 1/5 of stacks, 20 stacks gives 15% less damage received and 15% additional Health.

Sword of the Occult - 1369g - 25 atk dmg - 5 damage per stack, 20 stacks gives 15% movement and 15% additional damage.
These are snowballing items, they are meant to be OP, so leave them op and more people will risk to use them.

Zeke's - Just add the armor pen aura to 20 like stark's and it'll be ok though its lacking the health regen.

Locket - Up health regen to 30, like it was on Starks, and base shield to 100+(20xLvl)+(10xChampion nearby)
The goal is to have the item good alternative in the laning phase as well as shielding in teamfights late game. I've added a champion count. If the support risk getting closer into the teamfight, the support can activate the shield so that 10 champions are in range. Giving a max 560 shield.

Hextech Revolver + Haunting Guise = Hunted Revolver
Hunted Revolver - 3120g - 250 health, 80 ap, 30 magic pen, Unique Active: Stun Enemy for 1 sec, Unique Passive: 20% Spell Vamp
Just another combo idea.

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Try not to be obsessive about getting your own ideas into the game, dude. Keep the suggestions in the forums light-hearted without putting so much energy into a post like this. The actual Riot employees don't actually dredge this forum for ideas for new items. The pay their employees for that.

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Yo bro, I play the game and enjoy it, I'm going to put my energy into it, and really, all I want to do is spark some new ideas they maybe have never thought of. It's the drive I have to see this game improve and be the best. It's cool if you don't strive for that, but I do. It's the main game I play, so if you have other games you play cool, but League of Legends is mine. Change doesn't happen overnight, but over time. The American Revolution didn't happen in a single night, and neither will the item changes. It's going to be ongoing!

You know what, as I was working on this~ A friend said to me, "Hey Jemi, Riots changing items!~ You know bro, when I hear that, it made my day. If you read the preludes, you would have known that I've been working this post before Riot announced their Item changes, and if you had spent the time and effort I did you'd you like to hear their feed back. They can tell me its complete **** for all I care, at least they read it, cause I know something will stick out, something would catch their post. As for the items? I don't mind if they don't use the ones I've posted, many people post item ideas, this is the forum for it.

Plus, for me it doesn't discourage me reading your rude post, but before you go around to another guy or girl posting a new item response- SHUT UP, cause I don't want to hear you discouraging anyone who plays this game! A million players, and growing, I don't want to see people quit just because you downgrade their ideas and make people think Riot doesn't care. They do care, because if they didn't, these forums wouldn't exist.

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yeah, maybe this is too long of a post haha

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surpised this is one the frist pages still, i'll um bump it