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Setting up some killer runes :)

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Well not exactly on "runes". Just "which runes should i use on ____"

I have 15 rune pages, nearly all the champs. I like to be the last guy to pick my champ, to fill in so to speak, that way, no one can cry about how they didnt get their spot, and end up feeding like a twelve year old. So anyhow, i need some help figuring out the best runes to use on...

Lee Sin.

I do not play on having ONLY 15 champs for each page, for my first few pages, my Page 1 is flat ad all across the board, for my ADC champs, Page 2, is Flat ap for my AP carrys mid. So that covers alot of champions i could play if need be. The other 13 im mixing up. Heres a list of champions i already got fitted into my rune pages, if you think i need to add anymore champs to it, or take out. tell me why, and what runes to use. Thank you

List of already filled in -
Page 1 = ADC (Ashe, Cait, Vayne, Draven, Ez)
Page 2 = AP mid ( Heim, Fiddle, Ahri, Karthus, Lux, Ryze, Cass )
Other pages include :
Malphite. Rammus. Nautilus. Jax. Xin Zhao. Master Yi. Teemo. Darius. Garen. Jarven. Mordekaiser. Katarina. Volibear. Amumu. Singed. Kennen. Kassadin. Kayle. Nasus. Renekton. Trundle. Rengar. Udyr. Sion. NuNu. Fiora.

with that, i cover most needed positions in lanes, and jungle. So feel free to help and suggest

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5 pages everyone should have

support: gold quints, armor reds, flat or scaling mr blues, armor or gold yellows
adc(also works on 90% of top solos the other 10% can use jungle page): ad reds and quints, armor yellows, mr blues scaling or flat
ap no mana: mpen reds, hp/lvl or armor yellows, flat mr or ap/lvl blues, flat ap or movespeed quints(I prefer movespeed)
ap with mana: mpen reds, mana/5 flat(blue buff from junglers shouldnt need /lvl ones), flat mr or ap/lvl blues, flat ap or movespeed quints(I prefer movespeed)
Jungle: attack speed reds, armor yellows, mr/lvl blues, movespeed quints

if you look at my rune pages you will see a good mix of pages, theycan cover almost any champion, but less variety on the ap pages (ignoring the aram ones)
I use to have a few more ap pages that basically mixed and matched hp/lvl or armor yellows, and mr or ap blues, but i wanted to try hybrid pen(regret it) and those aram pages at the end

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1) Armor yellows
2) movespeed quint/ GP5 quint
3) MR / level blues
4) AP/AD pen red

May not be 100% ideal but it will cover almost anything.