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Orianna - blatantly OP or somewhat UP?

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It would - but the players would have at least somewhat of an ability to react. It would depend on:

1) Orianna's original positioning in relation to the initiation champion.
2) Position of the ball.
3) Reaction time.

Let's say Malphite ults in, it would be much tougher for Ori to place the ball from herself to Malphite, get the delayed damage/displacement from R and hit everyone that Malphite hit. That can be quite the delay.

Now, a skilled Ori may Q the ball into a better position, but that does involve some addition risk and foresight. It wouldn't just be automatic damage.

yea, but low level play isnt where orianna is hurting
orianna is hurting bad at high level play, so essentially, because it doesn't stop me from going E-R-W, what do you think it will do for a pro?
in the time malphite knocks everyone up, i can set up an E-R-W.
now, if you replace me with toyz/nyjacky/froggen or some other pro mid, they can probably still do the exact same thing with orianna.

and what of the other points?

orianna has a pretty good early, we dont need to increases bases or ratios
increasing bases or ratios means
more dps later on
more burst
more aoe damage

all of which orianna doesn't need.

i also don't understand why dashes have to make them lose the shield
1. not all dashes are for initiation, and if you are going to make them lose the shield, orianna's utility power will be decreased quite a bit
2. where would the ball go? just stay there? come back?
3. it doesn't stop me from E-R-W. i can just do it after they dash, and it will still be as devastating.
4. it removes gameplay, which i feel is almost never good

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She even has an under 50% win rate in Plat. So I would dispute that "baddies" are not using her to full effect.

I would say that elo means nothing but if you truly think about. The nature of the champion is at a higher skill cap. Solo Q isn't a good environment overall to judge weather or not something is OP.

They're champions with low win rates in solo Q that are actually broken based on their kits. For example shen, alistar and Jayce before nerfs. Obviously in solo q ppl will not or can't due to time constrictions use a champion as well as a pro player.

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She is tricky to play and tough to master, but if played right she can absolutely dominate a game, remember when Toyz played her in the S2 World Championships? He absolutely destroyed. Her negative win ratio is for sure from people who are unfamiliar with her using her. I would say she has one of the highest skill caps in the game, and as a result she can be a non-factor and lose her lane or be the dominant carry throughout the entire game. I would say she is balanced if built right and played right. Just a tough champ to play but so rewarding if you can get good with her.

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I hope you don't feel that this was the point of the thread.

Riot tends to balance champions based on how often they get picked and their performance in tournament play. If they haven't taken notice of the pick rates that Orianna is experiencing right now, then I would be extremely surprised.

My point in making this thread was that with certain picks, she synergizes a little too well, but also taking notice of her weaknesses - which she does have.

I was telling him that since kat is getting nerfed, as he suggested everyone go back to picking on kat and leave orianna alone, that now they are looking at Orianna. She has her weak points, but like many champs of her calibre you must build your team around her. There are not many teams that have that kind of coordination and understanding of how champs interact with each other. It isn't seen in solo que as everyone is out for themselves, but in 5v5 it can be seen depending on lvl of play.