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LF one more 3v3 rank team.

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Senior Member


got to have: 700+normal wins.

Rank ELO/raiting season 2 1400+ in any rank map

Flexible runes and masteries

Play 3v3 excessively and know the ropes.

We got skype


IGN Juzt

1400 ELO 5v5 soloQ Season2

Familiar with 3v3 mechanics and metas, most of all the champions owned, flexible 17 rune pages and masteries.

Looking for mature 18 age+ groups who can take a loss and dose not rage.

Preferably skype or ventrilo communication would be cool. Got mic and adequate internet connection.

Add me and hit me up if you are competitive and at least 1400 elo

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just added you - 1360 (solo-trolled) - runes/masteries for anything.

I prefer TS & have a server
but i have vent/skype too