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2.2k Elo Streaming Zyra Support

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Spamming Zyra support, I'm up like 300 Elo over the last week.

This is a new thread, because my old one was titled "2.1k Elo Streaming Zyra Support" but now I've risen another 100 Elo.


Some tips from another Zyra support player:

Hey good stuff, I enjoyed watching your stream! As a Zyra main I just wanted to give tips with Zyra support:

Maxing E first doesn't benefit you at all in anyway shape or form. It's cool down doesn't decrease and Q's damage and plant damage (as well as range) are much better. Secondly if you're looking for CDR on your E max W, but when I'm forced to support I go: R > Q > W > E.

Anyway other then good stuff, I like to build Zyra support as Zyra AP Carry but thats mainly because mids at my elo (1500) suck so... need to pick up the slack. xD Good stuff, enjoying your stream! Also Athene's even on support Zyra is a-mazing.

Just wanted to pipe in and say, I've played Zyra support a lot and I too used to max Q first, but now I max E first. Someone said maxing E does nothing... well I hate to break it to you, but you're flat out wrong. It increases the duration of the snare which in the beginning is HUGE when you snare the enemy support(I'm looking at you Sona, poke me more bro = death by plant).

Also, some viewers asked about counter mechanics for Zyra.

Dodge the snare! Once you've dodged the snare, you can engage and win a trade with them very easily. Zyra becomes extremely vulnerable without her snare.

Leona is a very strong counter to Zyra if played correctly. Whoever wins the level 2 fight wins the lane.

Sivir spellshield blocks snare. (Morgana support also accomplishes this end.)

Soraka. Passive MR and tons of sustain.

Notice the theme, if Zyra can snare you, you're doomed. If you can dodge it or block it in some manner, you can beat her.