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Elo hell

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Chicken N Rofls

Senior Member


This is just plain ridiculous... Riot needs to do something about the people playing at this level. One night I was drinking I was at 1200 elo and I had some bad games which took me to about 950. Ever since then i've had the worst luck with teammates every game someone doesnt get the position they want so they just ruin the entire game from the start. Now after trying to climb out i'm at under 600 elo because of this. Once in a blue moon I get a team who cooperates which we end up winning the game. I'm not a 600 elo player yet i'm stuck at this level because of the people who are consistently doing the opposite of what the team requires. Now i'm sure these people have been reported on multiple occasions for the same thing. Why are they still able to participate in ranked games? Should I just make a new account and start all over again? We need to put a stop to this.