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@Riot Lyte: Thank you.

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I don't believe I've ever posted before on the GDB.

In reading a recent thread about a large ban-wave, I've come to admire, respect, and sympathize with your position, Riot Lyte. I have never interacted with the tribunal; I have never been banned, nor even warned. I do not consider myself a perfect person, but I do consider myself to be an overall positive force in the LoL playerbase.

So called "Toxic" players distress me greatly. If I have ever erred in my language, or attitude in game, it is likely an overblown response to something I perceive as negative, or "toxic" in another player. I play this game for fun. It is something I devote a lot of time, and energy into. LoL is a highly competitive game; it requires a lot of skill, and has a steep learning curve. The path to excellence is long, and difficult, and part of this path is humility. In a co-op game, your greatest success will always be teamwork. When another player actively diminishes your ability to function as a team player (whether physically, or psychologically), they are creating the biggest burden to both your chances of winning, and your chances of enjoying the game. It can really ruin your day.

Riot Lyte (at least in particular) has been responsible for mitigating the effects of these toxic players since he joined the company. I'm incredibly thankful to have such a vigilant, and thoughtful member of Riot in charge of this endeavor. His recent posts on the subject show both compassion towards the playerbase, and a duty towards the game at large.

I am sorry, Riot Lyte, that your position you opens you up to so much flak and reactionary criticism. I specifically admire the work that you do, and thank you, on behalf of those who love this game. Your continued efforts to promote an earnest and friendly playerbase do not go un-noticed. Godspeed.