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Support Mundo, Possible?!

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Hi all
I would ask you what do you think about Support Mundo. I mean when in team there someone else who takes top and we already got an ADC bot I always take Mundo as support,and I'm good with him! But I still have problems with runes and masteries :

As masteries at the moment I'm using 9/21/0. On offense tree I've used 4 points on CDR.
As runes I'm using magic pene reds + armor yellow+ magic res per lvl on blue, and as quints I'm using +1.5% movement and 1 +26 health.

Can you give me other tips about what kind of runes I should use and which runes?!

Anyway,as starting item I always pick hp regen pendant,then I focus on shoes : ninja tabi if there are a lot of AD in opposite team or mercury's treads. Then I focus on reaching Warmog + sunfire cape.

Do you think is it a good build?
P.S Sorry for my english!

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Junior Member


He does so much better as a jungler that it's not worth making him a support.
You can put any single character as a 'support' but support should have abilities that support the carry.

Throwing an axe and wreaking havoc isn't called supporting your carry, it's called throwing an axe and wreaking havoc.
Does Mundo have a shield for his support? Can he heals his support? Steroid? Boost? He has none of the quality of a support which would only hinder him and make him kill relient to be viable.
The support shouldn't ever kill any target except in the case of a kill secure.

If you spam your axe(Especially in early game) you will only be free meat for the ennemy since you use HP to use your skills.

Though the main issue is:
That kind of mundo translate very very very badly in late game. If you did your proper job as a support you shouldn't have much kill if none at all. You shouldn't have much CS if you have any at all (You should only farm CS when the carry isn't arround and even then it's better to freeze the lane for him than unnecessary push because you want CS).
Most of your money will be spent in wards because that's the support's job (If you don't buy at least 20 wards per game you aren't playing support properly) so you will have to build GP10 item which will delay your core item which you might not get at all (It isn't weird for a support to finish a game with only HoG + philosopher + boots).
No need to say that this kind of mundo will become useless and will be only an hindrance.