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How both TT maps can still work

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ReepaX said it best so I'll take it on the exact quote because it honestly deserves its own thread.
I dont even like the idea of putting it in custom.
Why not (like some people have been saying) place this Shadow Isle map under the 'dominion' tab in game modes?

Summoner's Rift 5v5
Twisted Treeline 3v3

The Crystal Scar 5v5
Shadow Isle 3v3

Does that not look neat and tidy, and it gives both tabs 5's and 3's options.

Listen to your comminity; They have spoken . . ."

Why not Riot? Why not? Whats the LEGIT reason? "Splitting" the community is an absurd reason. First time I've ever heard such a lame excuse given by a company to not give their players more choices. Sounds to me like you guys are wanting to cut corners again to fill your pockets with more money (less maps, less server lag, = less maintenance required = less man hours, yada yada) I know how it works. Its bull.

Kinda like how you skipped out on having proper moderators, and instead took the short cut of letting the trolls vote for other trolls, oh I'm sorry you called it the Tribunal Right? Where ANYBODY including the trolls, half wits, and morons can spam a button and get their IP.

Another lame idea by a fail company, ffs Riot do something right for a change.

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Only Bruisers



because the old tt was a mess, it was fun but way to many things were wrong with it, riot wants to just forget it and move on
edit: think of it this way, if riots reason weren't legit they wouldn't have a reason to take old tt off the servers