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Taunts from Singed

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So this is my first post, and I'm not sure if this is the right place to put it, since it's half roleplaying and half fan creation. I guess I'll put the "Building" part here and then when I actually CREATE it I'll post it in the fan creation section. Here goes!

So I recently watched StephanosRex's Rammus Taunts Everyone video, and I loved it, and wanted to do something similar with my favorite champion, Singed, since he loves to trash-talk.

However, I also wanted to do something less silly, and more in-character for him, with more mean-spirited, cruel taunts that would REALLY enrage champions enough to chase him.

I would love the community's input on some taunts against some champions, and here's a few examples I came up with myself.

Master Yi: It seems that your vaunted "Wuju-Style" Doesn't practice breathing techniques. Your village learned that the hard way.

Draven: A hundred years from now, everyone will remember one man's incredible skill, power, and expertise-Darius. Sorry, did you think I meant you?

Ahri: Like grapes on a vine, humanity will always be just beyond your reach.

Rumble: Your machine seems to be broken. Perhaps Heimerdinger could help you fix it?

Nocturne: Enjoying your brief stay in the burning sun, before you return to your cage? You'll always be nothing more than a summoner's lapdog.

Amumu: Perhaps your parents left you in that tomb because they hated you.

That's really all I've got right now. I'm not good at thinking up cruel, cheap shots, but that's what Singed is really good at. I really do want to hear from you guys about that you think of this idea, and any possible taunts for specific champions!

Thanks in advance!

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This isn't the right place.
You're making a FanFic, so post this in the FanFic area please.

Other than that, downvote and walk away people.