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questions regarding champions and summoners

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just wondering about the relationship between champions and their summoners, and how the game works. Not sure if there are any official info on these:

1) What do champions do in their free time? (does Kayle chase down Morgana between matches?)

2) How do summoners command champions, do we talk to champions or wield them? (so if I tell lux to lazor, does she hear a voice telling her to laser, get a strange urge to laser, or does her body move against her will to do so)

3) How are champions summoned? (Do they just teleport to the arena against their will? Are they invited? Forced?)

4) How free are champions? (Do they get to refuse a summon if they want to? Can they leave the league whenever they want? Can champions refuse to do certain things in game, like killing their friends?)

5) Do champions feel emotion in games? (If my kayle kills morgana, is she happy? If my garen ends up solotop vs lux. meta aside, are they sad to fight each other?)

5) How are summoners banned? (Is there a lore explanation? Like a summoner being expelled or suspended from the league?)

thanks for any information


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I can't answer them all but there are some that were responded to in the JoJ.
1: Some champions interact regularly, Gragas and Jax are legendary drinking buddies, Gragas runs his own beer factory. In the case of Kayle and Morgana I doubt Kayle could get to Morgana as I believe Morgana lives in Noxus (and runs a bakery: Sinful Succulence, hence her Skin). Many of them probably have their own thing going on. Some don't (I'll explain below).

2: Summoner-champion interaction is a symbiosis which grows more and more perfect as the two gain experience. While at the bar and off duty, Jax is exactly as powerful as a level 18 Jax on the Fields of Justice with no items, runes or masteries. As the summoner and champion gain experience together, they learn to use all their abilities better and better.

3: Different champions are placed on call every week (champion rotation), and summoner with enough influence within the League (IP) can get champions on call at all times. Some champions are summoned accidentally like Morgana and Anivia.

4: Some champions like Nocturne and Brand are forced to fight in the League. Others are bound by contract to fight in the League for a given time (like Kayle who's currently in for a 1000 year stint to guarantee non-interference from the League in her home dimension).

5: Spells prevent friendly fire incidents in League games where champions like Malzahar and Kassadain are on the same team. Morgana "willingly fights in the League for the privilidge of being able to destroy Kayle again, and again, and again," So there's probably some emotion involved but it doesn't change game play.

YFW you realize OP listed Q5 twice: No explanation for this, but it could be attributed to anything from death to retirement to unacceptable conduct resulting in ejection from the League of Legends.