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her kit is very similar to amumu's. except sejuani gains most of her damage per second from HP, since her aoe scales with hp. HP is the best route on sej simply because not only are you gettting tankier but your damage is also increasing.

Mid game a sejuani with either warmogs or sunfire cape or both, can easily push lanes as fast or faster than the ranged ad carries and ap mids. yet sejuani is a whole lot more tanky than them at the same time.

sejuani is very mana hungry early and mid game, needs all the blues in order to farm, this is why it is wise to play her from the jungle, her kit is all about aoe damage and it would be wasted if she was a bot lane 0 cs person. But you can still play her in that role but your not optimizing her kit. she can easily solo the dragon at level 8 if she is able to get near a sunfire cape that early. she can just dash through the wall if she gets ganked, amumu can't dash through the wall if he gets ganked soloing the dragon.

amumu can not permaslow people like sejuani can. with amumu it is just gap close stun and his ult. sej is slowing them a ton and has the ult which also has another slow after it's stun.

a 5 percent increase in the slow of her passive may be all that is needed for people to actually consider trying her more and figuring out that she is not THAT bad.