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Hey guys, ive been playing ranked for a little while now, and although i have some bad games personally i feel that a lot of the time only 3/5 will pull their weight. This normally comes from conflict in character selection. I dont know if this has been suggested before but i think it would be a good feature that would solve a lot of arguments and lead to more competitive play.

Could you please introduce ranked que roll select options. This means that i could que as a top lane or support (my favorite rolls) an when the game pops up im obligated to play the position im qued for. Now this doesnt mean by limiting the champions as just support champions if i pick support it, it means when you enter the champ select, you an four other people have designated where they would like to be positioned and a team that roughly fits the current meta. I feel an option like this would eleviate many of the common conflicts, and i wouldn't have to play jungle while our teams support afk's even after i called it. If you get what i mean :P

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