Neutral champions?

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So playing League of Legends and using the numerous and wonderful champions I ask:

Who are they representing?

I know enough Lore of League to go around but what about some of the champions?

If I recall most champions fight for allegiance or representing?

Who are they representing???

Alistar - Resides in the League of Legends I believe?
Blitzcrank - From Zaun, but does he represent them?
Gragas - I don't know anything about Gragas...
Lulu - Does she represent Bandle City or The Glade?...
Malphite - same as Alistar?
Nasus - Same as Alistar?
Orianna - I don't know much about Orianna..
Rammus - I know nothing about Rammus either...
Renekton - He's being held captive right?
Ryze - Same as Alistar?
Shaco - Safe to say it's fine that I don't know right?
Veigar - I know he hates Noxus, but does he represent Bandle City?
Vlad - Who's he with?
Xerath - Same as Vlad
Jax - Same as Alistar?

Mountain of questions but I'm just very interested in the lore XD

Is it fine to be a solo party in the league? Or do they represent a city-state?

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You answered the question yourself: MOST champions fight for a city-state. Some don't. I think that probably about 50% of the champions in the League are only there for personal goals. Clearly, it's alright to join the League for yourself . To answer your specific champion questions:

Alistar uses his status as a champion to speak out against Noxus and those they tread upon. I would assume that he was one of the more vocal advocates of the Noxus-Ionia rematch.

Blitzcrank is only in the League because it was the only place where he could exist without being nothing more than a curiosity.

Gragas is in the League because a few Summoners saw his immense combat prowess and invited him to join. He agreed, though I don't know how drunk he was beforehand to have agreed to that

Lulu joined for a similar reason as Blitzcrank. She doesn't represent any one cause, though I would assume she would defend Bandle City if necessary.

Malphite fights in the League as a way of showing his support for its mission and to keep the peace between the city states. Same with Nasus.

Orianna is a robotic clone of Corin Reveck's daughter, who desperately wanted to be a champion of the League but who was killed during her training. He built the robot Orianna as a way for his daughter to live out her dream.

Rammus is here for the same reasons as Lulu and Blitzcrank.

Renekton IS being held captive and participates in the League because the summoners have nothing else to do with him. I think he rather enjoys it though, since he can kill to his heart's content.

Ryze participates in the League in order to study powerful magical creatures and mages that work there.

You're absolutely right about Shaco. No one knows why he's here

Veigar represents himself. He seeks world domination, and he figures the easiest way to begin his bid for power is at the locus of Runeterra's politics - the League of Legends.

Vladimir was recruited by Noxus due to his immense hemomantic powers.

Xerath is there for himself. He wishes to use the magical energies of the nexuses to finish breaking the magical sarcophagus that binds him, but he can't get close without drawing the ire of the Summoners. So, he pretends to fight for them while seeking a way to tap into the nexuses that they guard.

No one knows why Jax is here. He was recommended as a candidate by Reginald Ashiram, but since Ashiram disappeared shortly after making that comment, no one knows just why he was recommended.