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Hi, I'm new.

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Oh thanks. Most people say I'm just an idiot who doesn't know how to play.

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Lord Solar Bear



Hello my name is Steven and I'm new to this game. Can you guys tell me how to play so I can play with my level 30 friend? Tell me Darius' abilities? My friend says he is OP and i have no idea what that means. He said something about a ultimate, and he says that's OP. Please tell me what Darius' abilities are. Thank you guys, and I hope I enjoy this game.

First of all, your name kicks ass, as my name is also Steven.
I am really glad that you take an interest in Darius. I feel like his abilities are pretty self-explanatory, however, his role on a team is not quite so easy to understand. He does a few things for a team. First off, he can be an anti-carry, who looks for squishies and pretty much three shots them. Really fun. Second, he can act as an anti-bruiser. What you do here is try to keep their champions away from your squishies. This is how I typically play Darius. His CC is really good at "peeling" high damage enemies away from your damage doers.
I think something else you should understand is champions that are similar in Darius' role. Any "fighter" champion will play a similar role to Darius. These include Nasus, Warwick, and Udyr, all of whom are fairly easy to start with.
Hope this helps! Best of luck to you comrade!
Steven Reed