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Tribunal Suggestion

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So, I was thinking about this one for awhile, and I doubt I'm the only one to say this before, but I think that this might be worth mentioning.

I've been seeing a lot of bad thoughts on how the Tribunal works, even from the pros. So I was thinking, why not have a system that might satisfy both sides?

I feel that as things stand, the 'case review' section should stay exactly the way it is, though I do believe that you should increaes the reward a little.

I also think that, since you guys will be expanding upon people being able to watch matches and daily streams, why not create an option in games that allows players that are watching to be able to report players after a game is finished? What you guys can do is set up a system so that way people who go over case reviews, as well as people who vote while watching games, can both gain IP rewards as a result of this.

The gain that I'm aiming for is not just so that way people doing case reviews can see more feedback from players that are just watching, but also because it'll attract more players to watching games. I know that personally whenever I want to grab something to eat and bring it back to my room, I might sometimes sit down and watch a League match just for the hell of it when I have nothing to do. WIth this kind of incentive though, maybe you'll be able to attract even more players to the watching feature, as well as having less players quit out of the insecurities of feeling like the Tribunal system won't be able to get anything done (which I have seen in the past).

The idea is up for editting of course, and I wouldn't be surprised if changes were made to said system if it was even considered. I will say though, you guys definitely need to give some more incentive for people using the tribunal, and more correctly, people using it properly. Too many people just use the "punish then go to next page" option for quick IP. I think that you should raise the IP gains, but make it so that way players only get it so long as they were in the 'majority' section of the selection between pardon and punish.

No matter what, the Tribunal needs something to be done with it, because I personally don't think this is all that appealing to the players. It might make things easier for you guys, but it's a big turn off to some people.

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tribunal cannot be fixed too many little butt-hurt insta-punishers