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Can we get our ELO back from the dodges?

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Dane Belthound

Senior Member


I dodged a TON of games back when i first got to ranked and went 7 games in a row with an afk. Being a new player I had NO IDEA I was losing ELO for this. THere was no message or warning telling me that this would happen. As a result I now stand at 164/160 with an elo of 1029.

It wasn't like I intentionally dug myself into this whole KNOWING I would lose ELO. I was a new player and there was nothing to tell me that this was happening. I have also had a **** ton of games where I win 3 in a row and they each grant me 6 elo. Then I lose two games and that take 15 elo each. I am very frustrated.

I have a friend who only has 12 more wins than losses and he is at 2080 elo. He has 8 more wins than me. It would be nice if we got the elo back from the dodges since this feature was changed half way through the season and there are many players who have dodged a **** ton of games with no effect to their elo. Seems to me that feature has messed up the elo ratings accuracy.