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Changes made to custom game search filter

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It used to be that when typing word filters to sort custom games you could write 2 words. For example I'm leveling an aram account so I would always search "aram all" However when the last patch was applied it changed this. Now I type aram, hit space and it resets the field, in other words you can only filter using one word.

This is a big issue because, when I search aram I can get up to 50 results, of which only 5 may be for "all" levels, the rest are usually 30s only.

This may seem minor to some, but when there are so few games who allow all levels these can fill fast and filtering through a list of 50 games often results in missing games due to them filling up.

I'd like to see the option of filtering by multiple words brought back to the interface if possible, I can't imagine any reason that would have caused it to be removed. However if there is some such reason I'd be grateful to be informed as to why.

Thanks in advance