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Improve yourself easily!

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Ary Carys

Junior Member


Hello summoners!

I was to present you a community where you can ask whatever you want and get advice on anything!
Our community is basically a forum where all you have to do is to post a thread and wait for response. Our coaches are friendly and active members of LoL community with high rating and much knowledge.
Whether you want to fully improve your skills, get higher ELO or you need advice about a certain champion, this is the place for it!
Our coaches are using voice programs so you can talk with them on Skype/TS as well for easier explanation and lessons.
They can play a game or two with you or watch you replay of a match and comment afterwards!
And the best thing is - it is all free.
Private lessons for 0,00 $
We offer help for all servers, all lanes, all champions and all maps!

All you have to do is join our SITE (http://leagueofcoaches.enjin.com/) and post your request/problem HERE (http://leagueofcoaches.enjin.com/coaching)

You can also apply to be a coach (http://leagueofcoaches.enjin.com/coachappp) if you think you are skilled enough and have enough time to coach.

We are also organizing tournaments and weekly events (for members of our small clan) with awesome prizes!
HERE (http://leagueofcoaches.enjin.com/application) is where you apply to join a clan!

Don't be shy and join us asap, we are waiting for you!

Sincerely, Ary

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Junior Member


first link goes to an all white screen. Also if you click the league of coaches link in the upper right corner of the clan application link the same thing occurs. Not sure if this is intentional but it does make looking over your site problematic