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Advanced Team Composition Guides

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Team Composition Guide for Ranked SR / Premade Normal SR for the intermediate to advanced players

Hi, my name is Zyrion and I've been playing this game for about 3 years now, and I typically play in pre-made 5s in blind pick or sometimes ranked 5s when the normal queues get too long, they can get upwards of 40 minutes for a blind pick game; due to the queue times I don't play draft normals often. I have played with some of the best players in North America and seen some extraordinary things the average player wouldn't get to witness on a daily basis.

Note, these compositions which might work well in solo queue, don't always seem to play out that well, so keep in mind for some of these teams you will likely need the following:

  • Skype
  • Proper team communication beforehand
  • A full premade team

Common Team Compositions:

The Meta-game:

Probably the most standard team composition in NA and quite possibly the world, this is the biggest bread and butter comp and you absolutely need to know how to run this as its crucial in most solo queue games as this is the standard. Needless to say, this is an incredibly solid team composition, if not one of the best as most pro NA teams still run this.

Top: Bruiser
The bruiser is a necessity to this team. It can peel for your carries, engage other carries, and just be a giant threat while being incredibly hard to focus down quickly. A bruiser for this team comp should be equipped with some form of sustain, burst damage, crowd control, and an escape tool as its absolutely crucial later on.
The bruiser is your tertiary source of damage, and a secondary initiator.
Good Laners: Irelia, Lee Sin, Cho'Gath

Mid: AP Carry
In middle we have some type of mage, usually an AP carry. Mages have the strongest mid-game presence out of any other hero in the game; its power is relevant to dragon and buff control past the early stages of the game, as well as a transition in power to late game. The typical mage should have wave clear, AoE burst or AoE crowd control, some type of lane sustain, although a catalyst can be effective as a form of sustain with blue buff, and if possible, mobility. Mobile mages were recently more effective than waveclear but the game has shifted back to wave clear mids and away from assassins, for example Ahri and Kassadin are much less common picks now.
Good Laners: Anivia, Karthus, Orianna.

The Jungler
In the jungle we have someone who is typically fast at clearing, high damage or crowd control for ganking, and mobility to provide pressure across all lanes. The jungler is mostly used as a source of engagement to lock the opponent into a fight at an opportune time. He can also peel for the carries after engaging or simply be a disruptor and disengagement from a fight.
Good Junglers: Maokai, Dr. Mundo, Cho'Gath, Skarner

Bot: Ranged AD Carry
Your primary source of damage in the lategame. Scales incredibly well with items and is your main carry. The ADC should be protected and positioned properly as it is the key to most objective control such as the siege on a tower, objective control, and the teamfights associated with these globals. This is easily the most fragile and and weakest early game hero on the team.
Good ADCs: Vayne, Ezreal, Miss Fortune

Bot: Support
The support is probably the strongest early game hero in the game, and it makes a good match for the AD carry due to counterscaling, as the support gets weaker, the ADC gets stronger and there is a perfect synergy here. The support is primarily used to peel or assist the AD carry in some way. Multiple supports have multiple different roles.
Janna can peel and disrupt AOE, Sona is an incredibly strong poke laner, Soraka is a great sustain laner.
Good Supports: Very dependent role here, play what you see fit.
The metagame is popular with very many teams including Crs, CLG Eu and many more.

Inside the meta we find more slightly variable compositions such as a global comp which can pressure one or more lanes incredibly hard throughout the mid game.
Top: Shen or Gangplank
Middle: Karthus or Twisted Fate
Jungler: Nocturne primarily
Bot: Ashe primarily
Bot: Blitzcrank, Taric, Leona
Popular with TSM.

We can also run a kill lane in the bottom lane to forgo the power of siege and late game strength to run a more mid game centered team fight and objective control oriented team.
Top: Bruiser or ADC (harder to pull off)
Mid: Any AP Carry
Jungler: Something strong at 6
Bot: Jarvan IV or something similar
Bot: Xin Zhao or Leona or something similar
Popular with aPictureofaGoose.

The AoE Team fight, designed to blow up an entire team simultaneously. Quite popular because the team fighting is less complex and more "go blow **** up."
Top: Kennen, Rumble, Vladimir, Malphite
Mid: Morgana, Vladimir, Galio
Jungle: Amumu, Maokai
Bot: Sona
Bot: Ezreal, Miss Fortune
Popular with old CLG NA.

The Anti-Initiation, for peeling and disengaging from team fight scenarios
Top: Any Bruiser
Mid: Any Mage
Jungle: Xin Zhao or Maokai
Bot: Janna
Bot: Corki or Ezreal
Niche team comp, popular when running vs AoE team fight comps.

The Poke Comp, for sieging towers through attrition and long range entrapments, heal and spam gated shockblasts and nidalee spears, kog'maw can also poke with his ultimate and soraka/nidalee can heal everyone.
Top: Jayce or Nidalee
Mid: Lux
Bot: Caitlyn, Ezreal, Kog'Maw
Bot: Soraka or Taric
Jungler: Cho'Gath or Shen or Dr. Mundo
Popular with CLG NA.

Korean Push Meta, this one is more complex and even I don't understand it fully let but perhaps we can get some kind of basic idea going here. The purpose of this is to take a global early gold lead through aggressive tower pushing to have better control of baron and dragon.
Top: Duo with ADC + Support (swap early for an aggressive tower) Support can also run Promote.
Mid: Any hard waveclear mage.
Jungler: Any aggressive counterjungler, Lee Sin, Nunu, Skarner, Dr. Mundo
Bot: Shen (swap early to bottom lane)
You can throw in summoner teleports on some heroes for more global presence
Popular with EDG NaJin Shield.

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I'm glad someone posting this stuff, i'm trying to put together a 5's team with my friends. Needless to say it gets rather complicated trying to throw a team together with a good composition. Great job man!

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Thank you for posting this up!
I'm having trouble lately getting a good 5 man team comp ready. This really helps.

Again thank you!