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[Suggestion] Champion's test drive

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Are you tired of not knowing how a champion's mechanics work (hands on) before buying it?

Isn't it tiresome waiting for the free week just to go to a game just for someone else to pick the champion before you? And then do the recomended build or Phreak's build without testing it?

Wouldn't it be cool to see and appreciate the careful animations, sounds and particles rendered by riot from it's pool of 106 champions (and counting)?

There are many champion builders, model viewers and Youtube videos, but it's hard to top a first party generated experience so...

This is an idea to solve this issue: Champion's test drive, an in client builder with free camera movement, no gold limitations, the ability to change runes and masteries mid test, controlled enemy spawning, and the capacity to change the enemy's AI behavior.

This is a solution that would be useful for anyone who wants to buy a new champion, but haven't had the chance to try it, or that has a champion, but wants to try a new build without impacting a game, and in a shorter timespan than a bot match.

You could:
- Try many different builds against opponents with a controllable range of resistance
- Practice skills, know every detail about the champions
- No team suffering for you to try a champion
- Less need for the refund button use
- Know exactly how impactful are the runes and masteries in game
- Appreciate Xerath's particles, Teemo's fluffiness, Nasus's voice and Miss Fortune's... Double shots.
- A safe, consequences-free place for faster experimentation
- Maybe even skin test
- The ability to save your build as the "recommended items"

What it would need:
- A small field of justice, a room in the institute of war would suffice, white and gray. Purple and blue highlights. Maybe even the Champion Judgment room.
- Controls to:
- Move the camera around
- Activate the champions animation
- Play the champion's voices
- Buy-sell-return items (and gold tab of all of this)
- Runes and masteries control panel
- Monster spawner (creep wave, camps, dragon, nashor, vilemaw)
- Petlike controlled "generic champion", with basic IA behavior, also buildable, and single nuke spell, aoe spell, single ad nuke and configurable cc application on hit.
- Activable, rebuildable turrets
- A chronometer
- A measured track (for speed and exact measure of range)

- Faster theorycrafting
- Easy build testing
- Greater appreciation of the min-maxing of the runes and masteries
- More knowledge on the working of champions
- Facilitates the choice of buying a new champion
- Allows to see the work of the champion design team with more freedom, in a integrated way
- You would know how much damage a 5 archangel fully charged+ deathcap Teemo mushroom would do (until season ends)

It is a lot of work, for starters it needs a better name, but I think that the game would benefit greatly from this feature.

Also, I already posted this in the general section, but it got burried after being seen 4 times.

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Kind of sad that 200 people saw this and no one said anything.

It's too long of a read? A bad idea? Too much work?