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Jax Starting Items

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What do you guys do for starting items? I've tried several different things, but can't come up with anything I'm 100% happy with. If I go:

1) boots/3xpots: I feel like I'm wasting the extra gold until the next time I buy
2) boots/doran: I don't have any sustain without at least one potion
3) armor/doran/pot: No speed so level 1 ganks and early laning can be a problem. Although this is my current favorite as it's hard to gank me and I do have a little sustain since I grabbed the one potion.

Anyone have a combination that they think is really good? The amount of gold given at the beginning actually feels like an odd amount since a little more would get you started off right whilst a little less would make the items you could afford feel better.


On a random tangent, I actually like the new TT, but certain champs need to be either directly nerfed or itemization given to counter them better as some are extremely OP at the moment.

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I always start boots/ruby crystal with jax. Then rush sheen/phage.