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Xin Zhao relevance.

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How good would people actually say Xin Zhao actually is? I rarely see him and when I do it is a coin toss between him being mediocre in the game or carrying well.

From what I can gather, he is fairly more gear dependant than other AD's, but I'd still like another opinion.

His jungling seems fine and even ganking before lv6 is very easy. I feel that is where he has shines the most. Once mid game happens, when I play him or facing one, Xin typically falls off in this weird place where he needs to roam gank with others or just farm. 1v1'ing between lv8-14 seems like Xin's weakest unless he has become well fed in the early levels. I don't feel that he has become weaker, but other champs start to come out stronger like Jax, Fiora, Talon, ect.

Once lv15-18 comes around and if Xin didn't get his necessary gear, he falls off, and I've noticed this the most when facing Xin. I'm not against building an AD with some defensive items, but I find him to be the most subseptible to cc's because he is very in-your-face.

I generally feel that Xin needs to be accompanied by someone with hard cc such as Alistar, Fiddlesticks, or Leona. When building him defensive with a Randuins/Banshees and GA, he can certainly dive, but loses a lot of damage to the point that all he is good for is initiating. When building him offensively he can do a lot of damage but because of the style of play, is his the first target and cannot get a way out without the hard cc he is accompanied with.

I hope my feelings of Xin are mislead, but a clear picture of this guy would be nice.

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I play jungle Xin a lot. The biggest problem I see with him in my experience is that he's got this really great initiate in his E that's an AoE slow, but after that, he's extremely vulnerable. He's not THAT tanky and he has nothing to escape except a flash.

If combo'd with the right team, it could possibly be good. For example, say Xin E's in, then Alistar W's in, Alistar Q, then Xin R, you could get a player focused down.

And actually, Xin's R is pretty great for being able to focus specific players down, as long as Xin can find that player out of the group.

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Xin can go top or jungle and can be built as an off-tank or tanky-dps. I generally prefer tanky-dps. Two defensive items, excluding your boots and the rest is damage. This ensures you are still a threat late-game.

Xin is like Lee SIn: Strong early but fall off late due to poor scaling. Therefore, at the first four levels, you have to establish lane dominance and manliness. One way to do this is to push the creep wave and hit level 2 before your opponent. Then go in on them and this should force them to blow summoners or die. Do this if they have a jungler that isn't going to gank you at level 2 lol.

Anyways, Xin is great as he has a knock up through 3 talon strike, and a slow/gap closer with audacious charge. He also has a great disengage with his ultimate or it can be used to isolate and kill a target.

When ganking, you DO NOT audacious charge into them first thing. You loop around and get them when they are over extended by simply walking up and hitting them. If they proceed to run away and or flash a sufficient distance away from you, use your gap closer to . . . close the gap xD