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A Ponderance...

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That's not a "#monkeywrench" because you're still looking at a sample size of one.

Profitable poker players are profitable poker players because they play by the odds. They don't try to guess what card is coming next. They play by the odds of every possible outcome of the hand. And even if they lose money on this particular hand, or on the next 10 hands, if you look at 100 hands dealt, or 1,000 hands dealt, or 10,000 hands dealt (and the larger the sample size, the more accurate the results), they come out ahead in the end.

This is how Elo works. It doesn't work on the sample size of one game. You need to play at least 100-200 ranked games before the sample size of ranked games is even beginning to approach large enough for your Elo to be accurate.

Some games your teammates will be worse than your enemies, and you may lose these games.
Some games, your teammates will be better than your enemies, and you may even get carried in these games.
Some games your teammates and enemies will be roughly even, and it's all about how well you play.

Play enough games, and the first two scenarios balance themselves out, and your win rate in the third scenario determines your Elo. But you have to play your best in every match because it's impossible to tell what scenario you're in.

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Are you the Maleric whose rushing Warmogs as your first item on Riven?

If that's the case, then yes you're bad, at least with building Riven.

(Looked up your forum name on Lolking, lvl 28 NA mostly played Kayle/Riven.)

I'm not trying to put you down, but you should re-evaluate what you're building on Riven.

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What you are asking if very difficult to explain. You can find some general info here: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Matchmaking

All you need to know is for normal games all you need to worry about is to keep winning and eventually you will end up with some good players. If you queue with someone with low normal elo on a regular basis and lose your normal elo drops more than it would if you queued with someone around your normal elo (vise versa you gain less when you win). If you queue with someone with a higher normal elo and lose then you lose less normal elo (vise versa you gain more when you win). Am I making sense here?

You can't see your normal elo but once you get enough experience you can feel it. You'll feel it in the champion select screen from the champs they pick to the amount of arguments, the summoner abilities your allies and enemies choose, just general playing ability....you just get a sense of it.

Its like if you queued with a lvl1 player that just started. You would end up facing much easier opponents (well...the match making system will put you against people that it thinks is much easier...doesnt mean you wont end up facing some platinum player that thought it would be funny to roll a new account and wreck people)

Edit: Oh I forgot...your first few rank games are worth like 45 elo...don't step into rank until you feel you are ready or you'll go straight down into low low elo.