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Need ur kind attention To this post Gm pls help ASAP

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Hi Sir.
My name is Hulkshotmania n i hv 1 problem reagarding honrable , teamwork , helpful ,friendly point are taken away by you pls tell me why did u tke my all points i knw thier sm player who making mistake but it does nt mean that i m bad player every player has do mistke @ certain point when they totally lost thier mind with team work doing bad with enemny team ,,,,, And with 1 hand u cannot clap unless u dont join another hand jus like m not the one who make team loose there some player who make to do becoz @ time they dont wann listen the player wt he wanted to do ....they doing thier own thing that the big problem in this game if the player dont wann listen us then how we can listen them...
PLZ Sir return my point n i wont do this mistke again jus gv me 1 chance to rectify my self i hope u help me...

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I vow to become an English teacher for the sole purpose of using the original post of how to never type anything ever.