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Wish List in Shop?

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Junior Member


Hey folks,

I am not sure if anyone has posted about this, but I believe a wishlist within the Pvp Client's shop would be really.. Neat.

There are a few reasons that may not seem so obvious but bare with me:

1) I hate going back and forth between the shop and my rune pages to check what I need ( I'd rather be able to whimsically add neat runes or champions or skins to my personal wishlist)

2) This is also nice incentive to actually BUY the things that you want. I don't believe it will increase sales drastically but, for a feature to customers and players everywhere that can perhaps make players BUY MORE THINGS. it seems really convenient. I mean, I go for days and days until I make a page and realize I only have 2 of some silly quint, and I'm bummed that I didn't save ip, or that I should have used rp on my last champ or etc.

Sorry if that was long winded!

If I'm wrong please please please correct me! Or perhaps give me better options. I'd just like to be able to click much less in the PVP client :3

Thanks for your time, whoever!

Max (Vellz) [Vellzy]