ghostblade and talon

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So i see a lot of people build brutalizer-->ghostblade on talon. Was curious as to why this happens. The way i play talon is mostly as a burst champ. blink to squishy combo and get out with ult. It seems like if you buy ghostblade you want to stick around and aa a bunch which means you need more health/be tankier. usual build for me is

dorans bladex2
merc treads
situational items

so why are people buying the ghostblade? to stick around an aa a bunch? or for the armor pen.

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Brutalizer is a fantastic early snowball item. Ghostblade *usually* is not. Grabbing brutalizer early if you get a kill or 2 early on will usually snowball you. If you do grab it, just hold on to it until the enemies start building so much armor that you need to sell brut and grab last whisper, or you run out of item slots.