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Some easy fixes to make the game more enjoyable for all.

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Greetings fellow summoners,

I would like to begin this post by saying that I love this game, the challenges it provides combined with the amazing amount of personal customization allows for a truly unique experience every game.

However, I have noticed some things that perhaps could be tweaked or fixed in order to make a better overall play experience, and help promote better teamwork in the game allowing for more challenging games against competent teams, even in solo que, extremely reduce the leaver problem, “auto lockers”, trolls, and allow for a complete team to be formed almost every game (Jungle, top, adc, support, mid).

I’m sure you're wondering what sort of changes I propose so I won't keep your waiting.

Matchmaking system similar to WoW, Choose the role you wanna play, and match people accordingly.

Why? This will allow for more full teams to be assembled in solo que, less bickering between teammates and an overall better experience. It will promote teamplay, and also help people pick classes that they are prepared to play as opposed to being forced into another which wrong runes or masteries.

Change or fix the lock in system, I don’t see why it is necessary in solo que unranked.

Right now there is a problem with auto lockers who lock in champions regardless of the rest of the teams composition. This very often creates an initial bad team and tension between team members. Not to mention the fact that it very often forces very weird team compositions such as Double mid, solo bot, or no jungler.

Another issue that I feel needs to be dealt with is the lock in button, especially in solo que blind draft. I feel if you replaced this button with a ready up system that can be toggled on and off that we would find more people willing to rethink their choices in character selection and not auto-locking forcing the other team members to “deal with it”.

You could even just make it so you can unlock your lock in in blind draft, the enemy team can't see it anyways so I don’t see the point of this other than being a leftover feature from draft picking.

Change the lobby to allow for leavers without having to remake the team.

If you implement the former change you can also change the format of the way the character selection screen is once a team is formed to a format that would allow people to leave and go without forcing everyone out of the room.

You could change it so that people waited in the room for the slots to be filled, as opposed to randomly throwing together 10 people and hoping for the best.
This will prevent leavers from being any issue, and will stop the disruption caused by a single leaver forcing the teams to be remade.

Create a boot or kick function to help stop trolls.

I also Elect for a booting option in Character select to boot trouble makers and trolls. Very often I have had to start games knowing very well we were going to lose because people would claim they are going to feed or other nonsense. If all other team-members elect to boot the trouble-maker then they should be removed from cue and put on a 5 minute limit like leavers are.

The only problem I can see with this being that people in pre-mades could be trolls and control the vote, if such is the case then the people in the pre-made should count as one vote with the party leader being in control of such.

Allow people to leave doomed games (4v5’s) without being labelled a leaver.

The last idea I have, is that if someone leaves the game, is gone for at least 7 minutes, and it is after the 20-minute mark, all other summoners should be allowed to leave as well without consequence and not be forced to play a 4v5 game with people who refuse to surrender.

This is far from a complete idea and I hope you, the LoL community and fellow summoners can help perfect this and make the game even more complete and better than it already is.

Thank you for your time and consideration.