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Girl looking for teammates!

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Ti Perihelion

Junior Member


Stating one is a girl is simply the most effective way to screen for sexist trolls. Enjoy your webcam, boys. I hope it fills the chasm of emptiness in your soul that is the lack of any meaningful relationship with a woman other than your mum. Cheers!

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NY l Voodoo

Senior Member


And this is why girls don't play games.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's necessary for a girl to declare she's a girl AND ask for help at the same time(is there a decided etiquette in this?), but damn, the amount of trolly responses is astounding(except for izuul, 'cause that was both funny and can make sense). I mean, if you really want a team and want to advertise for a team, I'd say just say you're looking for a team, genders excluded, and let the quality of your play set the tone. If you're really a girl, let them find out when you decide to use teamspeak/vent/skype/etc.

Honestly, izuul made me lol though,

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Deadly Secret

Senior Member


Hi there, add me in game to talk i you're still looking.

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I Meowkai I



If you are still looking add me in game xmillisockx

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Dr Dolittle MD

Junior Member


1327 can play all roles IGN Dr Dolittle MD

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I can play any role. Add me and I'll run a couple games with you to see if we work well together.

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Junior Member


Hi! Are you looking for a great community for a better way to play games? well look no further, Clan OD is for you!

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Overdosed is a Community Clan founded on December 3rd, 2001.
Clan OD supports a varied amount of games and is always open for new games and new leaders.

For 11 great years of clanning we have offered Diablo II, Starcraft, Warcraft II, Starcraft II, Diablo III, League of Legends, and soon Guildwars II. We no longer officially support WoW or Counter-strike for the time being.

«´¨`·..·´¨`¤*What does OD offer me?*¤´¨`·..·´¨`»

Well First and foremost, Clan OD offers you an experience like no other, you are submerged in an established community where it is possible for you to lead some day, you are literally the future of this Clan, and stick by it and do good, and you'll be on the top, but I know you guys are materialistic, so here are few things you get

Website: http://www.overdosed.net - By joining, you will receive your own profile and a console that will grant you more power and responsibility as you advance the ranks

Forums: http://forum.overdosed.net/ - Stay connected with your peers and buddies in our forums, where you can talk about Game related stuff, sports, or plain old water cooler conversation

Ventrilo: IP - clanod.vent.nfoservers.com/Port - 31340 - Talk to your friends, be more active with the clan, feel free to join the vent anytime ( New users will join under a guest account, contact a general to have an account made)

Tournaments: Participate or plan tournaments and events, including interclan or outerclan. Be eligible to win item or cash prizes[b/] in interclan tournaments. If you give the idea, we'll work with you!

Last but not least, you have community, the people is what makes this Clan happen, the members are what kept this clan going for an amazing 11 years, you have access to a smaller confined caring community that have the same interests as you, where you'll be treated equally and valued.

«´¨`·..·´¨`¤*This post is long enough, How do I join?*¤´¨`·..·´¨`»

Woah there tiger, I only have a few more things to go over before I tell you that

«´¨`·..·´¨`¤*What is required from me to join?*¤´¨`·..·´¨`»

In order to make sure our Clan is active, we have implemented a DSL system(Days since Login) The requirement is that you have to login to your profile that you create on the website every day or at least every other day, If you do not login for 10 days, you will automatically be disabled from the clan (However, you are able to rejoin, you just have to ask to be re-enabled)

In order to be an official member though, you need to go through a 7 day trial period where you will be reviewed and voted on upon your peers based on your behavior, your activity, your skill, and your participation, In 7 days, you need to have a minimum of 10 votes, Once completed, congratulations, you are an official member of Clan OverDosed

In cases where you cannot login we have available inactive requests which exclude you from DSL for an extended period.

«´¨`·..·´¨`¤*I can't read anymore, How do I join!*¤´¨`·..·´¨`»

Right here bucko!

Apply here: http://www.overdosed....php?view=Apply

Your Recruiter will be me: Sil3NtKilL(OD)*

When applying please let me know where you're applying from such as the League of Legends forums or anywhere else you have seen this post.

Before or when applying, please get in contact with me so we can assure your entrance and stay at the clan is enjoyable as possible. If you do not want to get in contact with me, Enter a way for me to contact you.

«´¨`·..·´¨`¤*Contact info[b]*¤´¨`·..·´¨`»

Aim: odsil3ntkillod
Bnet Channel: Clan OD

Thanks hope to hear from you guys soon!