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Displaying Honor Crests in the Profile

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Atomic Shaman

Junior Member


First off: The honor system is great. I've seen a marked improvement in behavior in matches since its launch. WTG!

What I haven't seen is the Honor badges themselves, even though i've earned 3 of them now. Just got two today (w00t!) the Golden Horn [I assume this is for multi-badge achievement] and the Helpful badge. (my 1st was for Teamwork) Now I've seen the popups that show that I had been rewarded, at login, but there is nothing in my profile page to indicate... anything. The numbers of honor don't seem to be particularly telling as to the state of Honorable achievement.

[ Notice I used the word "achievement" a couple of time there? ^ ] Hint Hint: There is that whole tab conveniently called [Achievements] !! Also, we see so many stats about the rest of the game it seems a little odd to see nothing regarding this new element, that is having such a positive affect on the game.

TL;DR Honor sys is great, show Crests in our profile.