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Item Preview – Dust Sweeping

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Force of nature being removed is really the only item that i question its removal. It doesn't make sense to me as to why they would remove it.

meki pendant and rejuv bead- i get it, no one really bought those when there were the fariy charm and rejuv pendant. the items themselves didnt make sense to be there. therefore remove them, i get it.

madreds blood razor- I can understand there logic here as well. Too pricey, not as effective as youd think compared to damage to price ratio of other items you could have purchased and it doing its damage as magic damage. It COULD be tweaked and kept in game but since they added a better working version of it i see no reason to keep the bloodrazor.

Ionic spark- This makes sense as well. Synergized with only a handful of champions and it wasnt the best choice for on hit builds. I played on hit builds and never really built it and i understand why its removed. It doesnt fit, so it gets removed and they add in a replacement thats better suited for the job.

Heart of gold- I don't like it being removed really but once again i can understand why its being removed. Gp10's meant for late game and the health it gives snowballs for early game and the gp10 part still comes in late game. Was an all around great item for a great cost. Removed and not replaced since there are other items of its nature being tweaked to be better suited for champions. Problem fixed

Elixir of agility- i honestly dont have much of an opinion on this one or care all that much at all. I suppose their reasoning makes sense as to why it should be removed. I never used it all too much in the first place and considering the roles i play it makes sense as to why i wouldnt be using it i suppose.

And now we get to the item being removed that i do not understand teh reason behind its removal
Force of nature- synergizes well with multiple champions and is a GREAT defensive purchase. The added effects that come along with MR were nothing to complain about and were decent things to obtain along with the item. Considering its an item built on tanks or dps characters mostly the health regen would be nothing to complain about since you may not be building much lifesteal, spell vamp or any other source of regen for that matter. As for the movement speed... it wasn't anything to complain about either being that its not something that would just be a wasted stat for your champion depending on who you are playing. Movement speed is always good, "i hate moving this fast and catching up with my enemies or moving fast enough to get away from them"--said no one ever. IMO you seem to be confusing yourself on the reason as to why it was purchased or something. It provided some great defensive stats and great supporting extra stats with it which made it popular.

Maybe im off base here and i don't fully understand this so feel free to correct me. But as i see it now i see no reason as to why a small tweak like a price change and removing some stats like the movespeed wouldnt fix problems that they list as reasons as to why it should be removed.

If the item tweaks that they intend to take its place end up a flop then what are you supposed to do? Buy a banshees veil thats easier to pop than balloon in a needle factory?

I think they may be biting off more than they can chew here.....

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Looking forward to blade of the ruined king for jax top lane, offers better stats then Gun blade and has the active also

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hey, spark also synchronizes perfectly with kennen...

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xypgerous i think you are thinking about the sight ward item the wrong way. look at it like this. You said most people were building the HoG because of the health and of course gold. ok so new item gives you 125 ok 75 off big early game difference.

all right now lets talk about cost efficiency. Most of the time when everyone goes back they buy 2 wards. thats 150g. with this new item you can place 2 wards every 3 minutes(180 seconds) Hog gives you 5 gold every 10 seconds thats 90g per 3 minutes you made.(this is assuming everyone buys wards like they are suppose too). ok so that means Hog pays for 90g of your 150g you spent on wards. this new item even though you lose 75 health you save 60 gold per time you go back. this item is more cost efficient then HoG and allows more passive laning phase with the health and the saving on gold for wards is better then the Gp10 that the Hog had. this item is broken in so many ways cause now junglers top supports, and hell even mids will probably get it.

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Meki Pendant & Rejuvenation Bead – Removed

These items have been removed because they were mostly superfluous item paths that constrained early game purchases and mid-game upgrades. Everything that builds out of Meki Pendant and Rejuvenation Bead has been modified to build out of Regrowth Pendant and Faerie Charm.

Alternative: Regrowth Pendant and Faerie Charm

These items will sit at a much smaller price-point but build into many more items overall, allowing players to have much greater flexibility when building items out of regeneration items.

I feel this is a good change, as meki pendant was just not worth getting

Madred’s Bloodrazor - Removed

Madred’s Bloodrazor has traditionally been a weak pick overall. On the surface, it appears to counter high health targets. However, its odd build path and the fact that it does magical damage make the Bloodrazor awkward in many situations. It doesn’t do as much damage as other alternatives to high hit point targets, nor is the build path something lenient enough to let you quickly build it to counter high health targets. As a jungle control item it is surpassed by Wriggle’s Lantern in many ways, especially for sustains, invades and jungle vision.

Alternative: Blade of the Ruined King

This item first debuted in Twisted Treeline, and was meant to be the ‘high health counter’ for ranged attackers. Against moderate DPS / high health targets, Blade of the Ruined King attacks these characters where it hurts the most – the fact that their DPS is consistent over time. By draining a percentage of their current health on every strike, Blade of the Ruined King seeks to burn down high health targets by both outlasting and kiting them.

Blade of the Ruined King also works well for on-hit ranged attackers, providing them a form of combat sustain that is independent of the amount of damage done by their main attack. On-hit Teemo or On-hit Kog’maws have traditionally fared poorly in being able to output sustained damage in a fight because life steal was so anti-synergistic with their builds. Blade of the Ruined King not only fits the % damage profile that Madred’s Bloodrazor once occupied but also supplies life steal for these character builds.

I'm okay with this change as well, Bloodrazor was just another relic from a past meta. On top of that I love Blade of the Ruined King, it is my favorite thing added to this game since Arcade Sona.

Force of Nature - Removed

Force of Nature has been the go-to high MR item for tanks who want to counter magic damage. The item, however, is kind of confusing. Is it a movement speed option for fighters and tanks? Or is it meant to be a regeneration item in sieges? Force of Nature’s odd stat combination made it particularly difficult to make it feel like a quality purchase. One of its attributes was probably redundant or unnecessary on your character.

Alternative: Spirit Visage

Spirit Visage is getting a slight touch up for the preseason. It will now build out of Negatron Cloak instead of Null Magic Mantle, and Spirit Visage’s passive is getting a bump in power. Additionally, there are a lot more Tier 2.5 items that offer Magic Resistance, allowing you to more easily spec into Magic Resistance without wasting slot efficiency.

I feel removing FoN is the wrong way to go, sure it wasn't built often but i built it core item 4 on really any tanky jungler, which is the role I feel this item most suits.

Ionic Spark – Removed

Ionic Spark is a bit of a confusing item right now. Ionic Spark only fully synergizes with one or two champions (Shen, Gangplank), but it’s good to have an effective wave clearing option for characters that lack an innate ability to quickly deal with waves of minions. For a proc-build, Ionic Spark is awkward because it grants a very inconsistent proc that does some damage but is inferior to Wit’s End in a lot of cases.

Alternative: Statikk Shiv, Tiamat, Wit’s End

Tiamat has been vastly upgraded as a passive wave clearing item, while Wit’s End has always been the traditionally stronger option for Attack Speed / On-hit builds.

Another item that should not have been removed, again not built often but there were plenty of fun gimick builds using this item, specifically i loved grabbing it on Volibear and getting some CDR and ASPD and going to town with 'arc' damage.

Elixir of Agility – Removed

Right now Elixir of Agility serves a single purpose in the game – to make the winning hyper-carry exponentially more powerful than the losing one. This has some general negative effects: Due to the multiplicative factor of attack speed and critical strike, the raw DPS increase is always better for the winner than the loser in this case. It also strongly pigeonholes viable end-game carry builds to take advantage of critical strike, as it is the cheapest and most powerful form of DPS boost.

Alternative: None

We don’t want an item in the game whose sole purpose is to pigeonhole end-game carry builds and provide exponential damage increase to a single class. While there should be purchasable buffs that help close out the game, a 250 Gold item that typically only benefits a single player on the winning team seemed a bit superfluous.

Again the removal of this item was just the wrong way to go about it, you could have just removed the crit chance increase and added a move speed increase.

Heart of Gold – Removed

Heart of Gold is a deeply conflicted item. Gold over Time items are designed to be a tradeoff of early game power versus reliable scaling further on in the game. However, Heart of Gold is a Health item, a statistic that is primarily dominant early game rather than late game. It helps create a lot to passivity, but worst of all it contributes to passive snowballing. While the intent of the item was to help out gold-starved characters that were traditionally weak, there are much better ways to solve this than an item that also makes their direct competitors stronger.

Alternative: The other Gold per 10 items

We don’t want to see an item in the game that lets you passively win your lane and close off options for your opponent. The other 3 Gold per 10 items have all been upgraded with either much more flexible build paths in terms of what they can build into or additional ways to generate real and imagined incomes. From Gold per 10 upgrades that let you keep the Gold per 10 when fully upgraded to alternate gold gain passives, the other 3 Gold per 10 items have become much more flexible in their final builds.

This is by far the worst of your item decisions, you have inadvertently nerfed Junglers and supports in which this item is more or less mandatory(even with the new items coming out I feel HoG will still have been a better choice). And you also have removed any chance for top lane to turn around a losing situation, barring ganks/lane camping, this item is really pivotal to turning around/staying in the game during unfavorable top lane match-ups as it gave survivability and a supplement to gold generation lost from having to play more passively and miss out on some last hits.


Thoughts in quote.

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Riot games
because **** supports

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i wish by your good graces that ionic spark,force of nature and heart of gold remains,plz!!!! thank u. those are core items on my ace champion,volibear

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so, how do you build chalice now when meki is gone?
how are squishy supports (janna, sona, soraka) supposed to survive? with those 125 hp from the sightstone?

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Just going to leave this here.. sneakily.. :3

Sightstone (650 Gold)
+125 Health
Unique Passive - Refresh (Ward) : Starts with 4 charges and refills each time you stop by your shop.
Unique Active - Ghost Ward: Consumes a charge to place an invisible ward that reveals the surrounding area for 3 minutes. You may have a maximum of 2 wards from this item at once.

Upgrades to...

*is dragged away by internal Riot teams*

Doesnt this make lanes passive and make it where jungle top and supports get it making champions like nunu shyvana hard to counter jungler or champions like lee sin and shaco have harder to gank lanes Amumu will also have a great jungle cause no one will be able to invade thats his one counter counter jungling.

Are these wards lower range or something that wont be game breaking? we kinda do need to gank to you know.

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Stampede EU

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MBR was never bought by carries.

it was bought by teemo tanky dps, warwick tank and lot of bruiser that buy only 1 or 2 dps item.

I'm not sure you're saying the real truth, it look like you are trying to hide the fact that tanky dps with madred were too strong because madred had linear dmg effect, and potentially too powerfull alone with 0dps item, and removing this item would be a good nerf for bruiser.

because well if you had to buy 2 dps item on tank it was trinity force+madred, after the patch it's gonna be trinity+IE.
And i expect to see a IE nerf, because this item will be massively targeted in s3. (both by bruiser, jungler, and carry ad)

Madred's is a bruiser item? What game are you playing? Madred is a ****ing joke, anyone with IQ higher than a toilet seat will get a Wit's End instead.

Oh right, you're that guy with absolutely atrocious runes, masteries and Elo hailing from EUNE.