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LFG Chat for honorable opponents + Friend List filter/sort ability

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Simply put I think there should be a LFG chat area that only honorable people can get into. And you can only join the group if you have honorable opponent status.

Then you're pretty much guaranteed to have a good game, you might set up 5v5's from there to keep things fair?

You can also throw random prizes in this chat room which would reward players for keeping high honor levels. Even random ip boosts etc.

Maybe there should also be an option while making custom games that only honorable opponents can join?


Then my friends list is maxed at 300 but I only really play with 10 peps.

I wish there was a way to filter/organize your friends list so you can see who:
1. Hasn''t logged on in awhile
2. Who you haven't played with in awhile
3. Who has higher honor points
4. Who has better wins/deaths
5. Who has a higher elo

I think there should also be a player option to delete anyone they havn't played with for 6 months?