[Champion Concept] Rath'gora, the Astral Stalker

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All instantaneous travel and all remote viewing passes through the astral. It is, for the most part, empty. However, there are creatures that do live there, many of which are as terrible as any horror from the Void. One such creature is Rath'gora. The many teleportation spells used in the battles of the League of Legends were like a beacon to him, drawing this creature out from the recesses of the Astral and into the forefront of it, where he could snatch unwary champions that dared to use them.

After summoning the champions that dissappeared during the fights and subsequently reviving them, they learned of a terrible monster lurking just below the surface of reality that fed upon teleporting warriors. Believing this to be a void creature, they set about trying to deal with the menace. They killed it once, but it was merely sent back to the astral, returning in a few days to ravage the battlefields once more. Ultimately, they captured and bound it.

Its punishment was to allow summoners to summon and control him, forcing him to fight on a level playing field against those he had been preying upon.

Passive: Astral Stalker- Rath'gora deals 0 physical damage with basic attacks. However, he deals additional magic damage equal to (1.0 AD). On a critical hit, Rath'gora deals additional magic damage equal to (.05 AD) % of the target's Max Health. The magic damage from Astral Claws procs lifesteal.
Any enemy that uses Flash, Teleport, or Recall becomes visible to Rath'gora immediately upon beginning the casting and for 10 seconds thereafter.

Q: Twin Claw- CD: 6 Sec
Passive- Your attacks from behind deal additional magic damage equal to 1/2/3/4/5 % of the target's missing health.
Active- Rath'gora attacks twice on his next attack, dealing 50/53/56/59/62 % damage on each attack.

W: Astral Shift- CD: 0
Toggle On: Rath'gora shifts into the Astral, only being seen by nearby champions and truesight. The distance Rath'gora can be seen by champions is reduced by 15% every second for 1/2/3/4/5 seconds. After 5 seconds, Rath'gora ignores unit collision. Attacking or recieving damage will destealth Rath'gora.

E: Astral Pull- DC: 16 Sec
Active: Rath'gora reaches through the astral (skillshot, ignores minions and walls). If he strikes the back 180 degree arc of a champion, he teleports them to himself and releases an invisibility pulse, hiding both himself and his target from map view for 5 seconds while within the radius (does not obscure champion view).

R: Cord Sever- 60 Sec
Active: Rath Gora strikes savagely at his target, dealing (1.0 AD) + 10/15/20 % of the target's max health as damage. If the target is facing Rath'gora, the damage is magic damage. If the target is not facing Rath'gora, the damage is True damage.

Basic Look: A giant spiked cyclopian serpent with burnt yellow scales. It floats while stealthed.


This guy is sort of a cross between Evelynn, Blitzcrank, Shyvanna, Elise, and Cho'Gath except that the lion's share of his power comes from hitting them from behind.


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aww, c'mon. Nearly 300 views and not a single comment?

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I know, right? I like, always comment when I view stuff.

Like right now.

I like the name and lore, for one.

Passive: Sounds super cool. I made a champ once that dealt magic damage instead of physical damage on his basic attacks, but I didn't think of changing the damage on critical hits. That is interesting. However, how would an InfinityEdge or other crit damage runes/masteries work on him? I'm thinking so far you would want a crit build on him, so this should be mentioned. Also, gaining vision on summoner spells and recall seems ok, but the 10 second vision afterwards may be too long. This vision is also shared with allies, so you may want to reduce that some, or it can be OP if an enemy is trying to escape with flash. Makes sense with the lore, though.

Q: The passive is too powerful, and the active not powerful enough. I would suggest making Rath'gora deal a higher percent of damage based on their missing health, instead of an actual percent of their missing health. If you don't take this suggestion, then something along the lines of 1/1.5/2/2.5/3% missing health is more reasonable. Shyvana's Twin Fang, a similar ability, deals 80/85/90/95/100% damage on the second strike (although its cooldown is 10/9/8/7/6 seconds). I think you should start this ability at lower damage than Shyvana's, since it starts at a lower cooldown, but increase the damage gained per level to end at the same damage as Shyvana's since they end at the same cooldown.

W: This is an interesting take on stealth, like a combo between Evelynn and an active. Mana cost, though? Since its a toggle, this guy shouldn't be able to use it forever.

E: This is a very interesting ability. Does it hide them from his allies' view, as well? Also, what is the damage? It should have at least some damage, because otherwise, he would only have one damaging spell. I also think the cooldown should decrease slightly with level, because he has no gap closer, which is very necessary for an assassin, especially at later levels.

R: Whoa, % maximum health AND true damage? It isn't even a small percentage of health, either. Only Vayne deals % max true dmg, and that is 8% every third basic attack, so no bursting with that. Well, I suppose 20% isn't all too much... but I'm not sure on this. Especially with a 60 second cd at all levels.

Overall, I liked the concept. The passive was very interesting, along with several abilities. However, Rath'gora deals a lot of percents based on health, and yet he has the skill set of an assassin. Percent's are for tanks, mostly, as well as true damage. Assassins are for the squishies. Unless he is the assassin for tanks? I don't exactly know what you envisioned him as being, but the base skill ideas are solid. Tweak the numbers how you want to make him do what you want.