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season 3 loading screen request

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Whimmy Wham Wham Whazzle

Junior Member


First off I love how the game has evolved over the years of playing it, but there is one request that I have. I have seen the loading ui for the game and I am sad. After so many loading ui changes, my name, sadly still does not fit on the loading screen. Allbeit, this is the closest that it has come to fitting since open beta, I would still like to see my name fit in the bar that was setup.for the nameplates on the loading ui.


Here is a pic of what it looks like when I load into the game. It is only on the left side that is going beyond the borders. You can also it a bit better here (http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c44/Archromage/lolloadingscreen.png)