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@Xypherous: thoughts about the Black Cleaver

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Since the general idea of the item overhaul is to improve variety in builds, I thought I'd bring this up again. Maybe it's just me, but I've always considered BC an altenative to Last Whisper for AD carries. Of course, BC's reduction effect is less effective than LW's penetration if the target has more than 125 armor, but consider this:

  1. It gives more AD than Last Whisper
  2. It gives 30 attack speed
  3. Reduction effect affects your allies' physical damage as well

The last part is especially important. Not only the item's stats synergize so well with itself (it's the only item other than very pricey Madred's Bloodrazor and Trinity Force, and Dominion-only Lightbringer to give both AD and ASPD), the passive synergizes with your team's ability to do physical damage. And while you may argue that DPS bruisers are unviable at the moment, the fact that I see Riven/Lee Sin/Darius in every other game makes me think otherwise.

Additionally, Black Cleaver has bonus synergy with certain AD carries:
  • Vayne: her W already works as an anti-tank measure, bonus attack speed helps her W, additional AD helps her Q.
  • Corki: more AD/ASPD for the passive, plus the synergy with the reduction from E.
  • Kog'Maw: more ASPD allows for more empowered by W attacks, more AD boosts the ultimate; it's rarely used, but armor reduction from Q synergizes as well.
    Varus: all his spells beside ultimate deal physical damage, and his W involves hitting an opponent three times. If you throw Black Cleaver in the mix, your single-target burst will skyrocket.
  • Last but not least, any AD carry with support Taric: -75 armor is gonna hurt even the tankier opponents, and that's not counting any other physical damage your team may apply.

People who call Black Cleaver useless, you have no idea how wrong you are. I wouldn't be surprised if the actual reason it's being reworked is that it's fundamentally broken and impossible to balance (Stark's Fervor, never forget).

Well, you may ask, that's quite a lot of text speaking about how awesome Black Cleaver is, but why post it here? And, especially, why address it to Xypherous? I address it to Xypherous, because I have a question for him, that sort of doubles as request:

Can we expect alternatives for Last Whisper in AD carry builds in Season 3, now that Black Cleaver is getting reworked? Are there gonna be other AD+ASPD items as well? I understand that AD carry is supposed to be selfish, and strive to deal as much damage as possible himself, but it's so satisfying to cooperate with your jungler Hecarim, or top Riven and obliterate debuffed enemies together. Can we keep this feeling in the game?

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Curry Yankee

Junior Member


Correct me if im wrong but, the "affects your allies physical damage as well" seems alot better to have on a bruiser rather than the carry. Your jobs just to do as much damage as possible, if the bruiser can aid that it would be great. Especially when you consider the fact that its being built out of brutalizer now, so people who bulit it that dont really have a use for youmous now have a pretty decent item to go for that helps themselves and their carry.